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10 Best Blogs for People Who Love Denim

Updated on October 30, 2012

Do you love denim? Are you interested in knowing about the latest styles of jeans that are being worn by the hottest celebrities? Do you like getting tips on how to dress up your denim (or dress it down)? Do you like getting inspired by pictures of hot denim clothing and the people who wear it? Any of these things are things that you are likely to find if you start reading denim blogs on a regular basis. Yes, there are lots of blogs out there just about denim!

Here's a look at ten of the best denim blogs for you to add to your RSS feed if you can't get enough of jeans.

  1. Denim Blog. The subtitle of this blog is "designer denim served daily" and that pretty much tells you what you're going to get from this leading denim blog. You'll learn about celebrities and their denim, the new denim collections from top designers and what's really hot right now around the globe when it comes to denim. If you're a fashionista and a fan of denim, too, then this is definitely the blog for you!
  2. Denim Geek. The subtitle of this blog is denim news and reviews from an obsessive designer jeans and denim blog. That's a mouthful but it does give you a great picture of what this blog is all about. It's got a bit of the same feel as the first blog here but the posts tend to be shorter and easier to digest on this blog. If you're looking for a quick daily designer denim read then this is a good one.
  3. Denimology. Yet another great blog for people interested in designer jeans, the hottest releases and what the celebs are wearing is the news blog from Denimology. This one has big beautiful pictures with brief descriptions about what you're seeing in the shots. The difference here is that this one is a UK based blog so a bit of the tone and approach are different than what you're seeing on the American denim blogs. Cool stuff.
  4. Denim Therapy. If you like designer jeans but also want to know more about lower-end jeans and various denim deals then you'll love denim therapy. This blog always gives you the inside scoop on sales, has cool design tips and interviews and even features unique denim products like denim shoes!
  5. The Denim Shop Blog. Another great little blog for people who are interested less in designer jeans info or what the celebrities are sporting and more about how to wear denim that they can actually afford to purchase.
  6. Denim Hunt. The subtitle on this blog is "the community for the denim purist seeking the latest in denim and the lifestyle that surrounds it". Obviously this blog places a lot of emphasis on the social culture of being a denim lover and the posts tend to reflect that attitude. There are great tips and trends revealed here like a recent post on custom-made jeans.
  7. The indiDenim blog. Speaking of custom jeans, the very best place to get them made (in my opinion, and believe me, I've looked around) is indiDenim. This is the blog associated with the great site. It's a cute blog that shows off great style ideas for real people who are wearing denim in the real world.
  8. Denim Bar. This is another blog associated with a denim retailer. This one isn't wordy at all. It's heavy on the pictures of what the retailer sells and just gives a brief description of what the items are. If you are interested in finding a blog that showcases pictures of modern denim styles so that you can get ideas about what kind of denim you want to wear then this is a great blog to get you started.
  9. Denim News. This is a quirky little blog. It's been around since 2005 but it isn't updated all that frequently (a couple of times a month, generally). It covers a variety of different denim news topics but doesn't seem to stick to any one theme or focus. If you want to read the denim news that no one else is really writing about then check out this blog.
  10. Ethnic Denim. Another blog that's only updated about once a month is the blog on the Ethnic Denim site. The articles here are cool ones though and worth checking out when they do get published. Top ten lists, denim history and the down low on different brands are all things that you might learn about from this denim blog.
If you know of any other great denim blogs definitely get in touch with me because I always love to check them out!


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    Evean 7 years ago

    Thanks for the mention of indiDenim!

  • profile image

    Abbie 7 years ago

    You missed my favorite,!

  • profile image

    Lorna 8 years ago

    Thank you for putting DenimBlog as number 1 :D

  • ccycle profile image

    ccycle 8 years ago from beijing

    like jeans a symbol of freedom and comfort.

  • akirchner profile image

    Audrey Kirchner 8 years ago from Washington

    Good lord - who knew there was so much information on denim! I guess I've been approaching it all the wrong way - I just try them on and if they fit, I try and buy about 10 pairs...just in case they are discontinued, because the way my luck goes....they are! Great information/great hub...and will have to read all about it now before I next go jean shopping....especially the right ones for your butt! Happy holidays - Audrey