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10 Best Running Shoes for Women. Best Running Shoes for Women Review

Updated on June 20, 2011

Best Running shoes for women.

If you are searching for the best running shoes for women or fed up seeing old best running shoes for women reviews in 2010, then wait no more. This article is the most updated one for the best running shoes for women 2011. These shoes can be used by both athletes and women who are looking for weight loss and fitness trainings.  Post your comments and I will make sure to answer any questions you have.

Best Running shoes for women 1 – ASICS GT-2150

GT-2150 running shoe from ASICS is one of the world's best running shoes ever made. GT-2150 is a running shoe built for the moderate to excessive over pronator and provides cushioning and reinforced stability which is one of the highlights of this shoe.

Check the Features of ACIS GT2150 here

GT-2150 Customer reviews

99% of the women who used this recommend this brand and they are highly satisfied with the results they are seeing. It is very comfortable with good support. It has the best arch support and cushioning in its category. GT-2150 is highly recommended for stability and quality. These shoes provide good cushioning. Some users recommend buying one full size bigger shoes to avoid any pressure on your nails during marathons. If you like the GT-2000 series, this shoe won't let you down. The Asics won hands down in comfort, fit and flexibility. It is one of the best running shoe for women in terms of stability.

ACIS GT 2150
ACIS GT 2150 | Source
Nike LunaRacer
Nike LunaRacer | Source

Best Running shoes for women 2 – Nike LunaRacer+ 2

Nike LunaRacer+ 2 running shoe Is a great running shoes for women.  Check out the features of Nike Luna Racer

Nike LunaRacer Customer review

These are some of the main points from customer reviews which I found for the Nike LunRacer running shoe for women. Rubber pods at outsole for racing flat traction in all conditions. These shoes are extremely comfortable and lightweight. They are a little narrow, but for those who have wide feet you can just loosen the laces and they fit fine. Most of the users who used this loved it.  Some customers noticed that the orange is brighter than it looks in the picture and that the grey isn't as dark as it looks in the picture. Many customer reviews recommend these shoes to someone who is looking for comfort and lightweight. It is apt for racing short distances but many of the customers ended using them for every day runs and for racing. Some customer reviews show that the lunaracers running shoe for women has helped their legs to strengthen muscles while easing the impact on their heels while landing. Women also noticed less fatigue in their legs the day after a speed workout or long run and their times in short distances to marathon have improved.  But some critics say that they liked the first version better than the newest Lunaracers running shoes for women.

Nike Women's Free 5.0 V4
Nike Women's Free 5.0 V4 | Source

Best Running shoes for women 3 – Nike Women's Free 5.0 V4

Nike women’s free 5.0 v4 is one of the best running shoes for women from Nike.  Check out the features of Nike Women Free 5.0 V4

Nike Women’s Free 5.0 V4 shoe customer review

Here are some of the customer reviews for this shoe. These shoes are very comfortable because they allow women to walk through their foot in the proper manner. It is so comfy. If you buy these shoes, you will not be sorry. However, some women had to call for their shoes when they sent them to the store. Overall most of the women loved the finish line and these shoes. Most reviewers agree that they are very comfortable and light weight.  There were some reviews from older women (even 52 years old) who are still very active. They said that the shoe is very light, but has a lot of support.  They prefer not to wear socks with them. Another reviewer said that it is not the best running shoe but she wears them to work and just for casual walks, etc.  She said that they are extremely light and comfortable, and seem to mold to my foot. Customers also noticed that it will be a little tight when you try it on for the first time but after a couple of days you will feel great. Most of the reviewers used it for running in a treadmill or while hitting an indoor track. Users comment that there is no break in time needed for this shoe.

Adidas Running Marathon 10
Adidas Running Marathon 10 | Source

Best Running shoes for women 4 - Adidas Running Marathon 10

Adidas running marathon 10 shoes for women is Adidas answer to the best running shoes for women. You can read more about the features of Adidas running marathon 10

Adidas Running Marathon 10 Customer review

Most of the customers rated it as one of the best running shoe for women based on look, but there was a significant heel slip. For those who had the issue, they ordered a male counterpart one size down and it fit perfect.  Some users where extremely happy with the performance and they rated the shoe as “phenomenal”. It provides excellent cushioning according to many reviewers. You can also wear it on the treadmill and the local track. The fabric was reviewed as breathable. Adidas  marathon 10 running shoe for women is a great neutral running shoe if you don't require a lot of extra support. Some women who wrote the reviews had trained in these shoes for months and ran through a 5K, 10K and even a half marathon. They say that their running experience was excellent. The shoe is lightweight, durable, and cute.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 | Source

Best Running shoes for women 5 - Women's Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10

Brooks has also come up with some competitive running shoes for women. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 is one of the best running shoes for women from Brooks. Here are the main features of Brooks adrenaline GTS 10

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 Customer review

Some customer reviews say that the shoe does not have as much cushion as they expected. Another issue which was reported was that the sole is somewhat hard. You can use separate in soles in this case . But majority of the women who reviewed said that they are mighty pleased with the Adrenaline GTS 10 shoes. They said that they fit perfectly and felt very comfortable wearing them.  Another thing to keep I mind is to try a half size larger if you feel that your feet is swelling up. Overall, it is reviewed as a great running shoes for both narrow feet and wide feet.  They were happy to see that it fit their bunions and had stability for my over pronation. Women who were running a year in the shoe or the predecessor said that the running was comfortable and stable. There is some criticism about lack of variety in color.

ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 16 Road Running Shoes
ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 16 Road Running Shoes | Source

Best Running shoes for women 6 - ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 16 Road Running Shoes

Asics GEL-Kayano 16 has got thumps up from the women for its cushioning and stability.  It is one of the best running shoes for women. Here are some of the features of ASICS GEL Kayano 16

ASICS GEL-Kayano 16 customer review

There are more loyal customers for ASICS brand than one think. Some of the customer reviews indicated that they even had 6 pairs of Kayonos.  There was an opinion that the shoes seem a little stiffer than previous models. They provide excellent cushioning. For those who have an extremely high arch, they replaced the company provided insole with another insole.  Women who run 3 - 4 miles a day and those who do intense cardiac said that these shoes definitely exceeded their expectations. 50% of the customer reviews showed that they felt that the shoe was a little bit pricey but worth it. ASICS GEL kayano feel sturdy and comfortable during workout sessions.  Overall the reviews says that it is a great shoe and worth the money.

Saucony Progrid Triumph 7 W
Saucony Progrid Triumph 7 W | Source

Best Running shoes for women 7 - Saucony Progrid Triumph 7 W

Saucony is a great brand and consistently. One of the best running shoes for women which Saucony has produced is the Progrid Triumph 7 W. You can see the features of progrid Triumph 7 W.

Saucony Progrid Triumph 7 W Customer review

One of the first things which strike while you go through the customer reviews is the keyword “comfortable”. I think that should sum up the whole story. Women who have used this shoe for quite some time attest that these shoes are so comfortable, even on long runs up to 20 miles. They are also cute and customers love that they come in different colors.  What makes the shoe super comfortable is that the toe box is roomy and the heels don't slip. It has got pretty good arch support and stable heel. A word of caution though, these fit completely different than the 6 series of Saucony Progrid Triumph. If you have a higher arch this makes it difficult to fit well with the laces and tongue.

Brooks Womens Addiction 9
Brooks Womens Addiction 9 | Source

Best Running shoes for women 8 – Brooks Women’s Addiction 9

Brooks products have been in the best list because of their experience in this market. So it is no surprise that multiple products from Brooks make it to the top ten lists of best running shoes for women. Brooks women’s addiction is literally an addiction among women who care about their fitness. Here are some of the main features of Brooks women’s addiction 9

Brooks Women’s Addiction 9 Customer review

 Customers who reviewed the product in a leading online site said that the shoes absolutely live up to their description. But one of the main downsides they noted was that they run one size small. Another interesting factor is that some of the women who used this product said that no breaking in time is needed for Brooks Addiction 9. Here is another plus, customers with orthotics said that it holds their orthotics. You will see that there are significant amount of negative reviews for this shoes because of the fact that the size is not true. So if you decide to order it always go for one size up. Great reviews overall for this shoe.

Salomon Women's XT Wings 2
Salomon Women's XT Wings 2 | Source

Best Running shoes for women 9 - Salomon Women's XT Wings 2

Salomon is a less known brand among the average runner but it has produced a market winner with the Salomon Women’s XT wings. It is one of the best running shoe for women which the company has ever produced. You can see more about features of Salomon women’s XT wings 2 here

Salomon Women’s XT Wings 2 Customer review

The review sites were full of positive customer reviews for this shoe. They loved Salomon XT Wings 2. Some of them noticed that, with this shoe, your feet will not get tired like when you use any ordinary shoes. The keywords used for this shoe are unbelievably comfortable, not too soft and not too hard. Many women agree that Salomon Women’s XT wings 2 have a snug fit, but not too tight. There is minimal break in time required for this shoe. One of the negative review which was seen was that the shoe is not ideal for rocks. But apart from that it can be used in all other terrains. It has a great design, build quality, performance, ease of use and great value. There are no shoe laces to tie.

Saucony ProGrid Kinvara
Saucony ProGrid Kinvara | Source

Best Running shoes for women 10 - Saucony ProGrid Kinvara

As mentioned above Saucony is one of the leading brands in the running world. This particular shoes has got awards from the runners world for best running shoes for women.  Here are some features of progrid kinvara

Saucony progrid kinvara Customer Review

Customer reviews are oozing positivity and fill with reasons for why the love the shoe. One lady commented that she ran 10K in the Saucony progrid kinvara and she said it feels great. It is an amazing running shoe for women.  It provides unmatched cushion and support without compromising on flexibility. Some women said that the arch support was a bit too much for them.  You will immediately feel the difference when you switch from any ordinary shoe to this one. It indeed is top in its category of shoes.  One comment I especially liked was that Kinvaras are extremely lightweight and almost feel like a slipper. While ordering this shoe, always half size up if you are border sized.

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