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Top 10 Best Essential Oils for Beginners and their Benefits

Updated on January 5, 2015

A History of Essential Oils

A brief word on Essential Oils

Essential Oils are considered to harness nature's power and affect the way we feel and can produce responses in the human body such as relaxation or revival. They are used very widely but most obviously in personal and household products. They are already present in most of the products we use on a daily basis so consider this before you use any; that your body might get mixed messages from a lavender soap, tea-tree hand cream, lemon zest tea and a ylang ylang bubble bath so consider the response you want as well as what you are using in harmony with your body. Here is a little guide to ten of the most popular essential oils and what they can do for you.


Uses: healing, relaxation and aiding sleep if used in very small quantities. It has the opposite effects in medium to large quantities acting as a stimulant. It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-stress.

How it is extracted: Pressed or steam distilled from the flowers

Cost: Cheap in most forms

Be careful - there are widely varying degrees of concentration and quality as lavender is grown in so many countries. French and English are usually good quality.


Uses: Women’s problems, digestion, anxiety, depression, fatigue, circulation and much more

How it is extracted: Rose petals distilled in oil or water to create an otto

Cost: Actual essential oil is very expensive, many are diluted

Be careful of use during pregnancy and using large quantites.


Tea Tree

Uses: For relief from infection, boosting immunity, first aid and healing skin, anti-bacterial, anti-dandruff and anti-athletes foot- just about everything!

How it is extracted: From the leaves and stalks in oil

Cost: Very cheap

Be careful of getting in the eyes, nose or mouth. It may well burn on direct application to the skin.


Uses: Stress, depression and skin problems. Some also say it provides relief from fevers

How it is extracted: Cold extracted from the peel of the fruit

Cost: Cheap

Be careful of going into the sun when using this oil


Uses: Relaxing, colds, nausea, intestinal problems, bloating and diarrhoea, anti-anxiety

How it is extracted: Steam distilled from dried or young leaves

Cost: Not particularly expensive

Be careful of its strength!

Ylang Ylang

Uses: Headaches, skin conditions, relieve high-blood pressure, soothing insect bites and a reputed aphrodisiac

How it is extracted: Steam distillation from fresh flowers

Cost: Cheap

Be careful of using too much, it might cause headaches


Uses: Anti-inflammatory and good for chest pain, stomach ache and vomiting, calming and anti-tension

How it is extracted: From the inner wood (not bark) and roots of a mature tree

Cost: Expensive


Uses: Infections and cleansing, arthritis and rheumatism, acne and skin conditions, improving concentration, mood enhancer and digestion

How it is extracted: Cold expressing the outer peel

Cost: Very cheap

Be careful of an allergy to it and getting a rash


Uses: Anti-infection and cleansing, detoxifying, stimulant and memory, digestion and headaches, soothing

How it is extracted: Steam distillation of the flowers

Cost: Cheap

Be careful of using with high bloody pressure or when pregnant


Uses: Soothing and reducing scars, skin diseases, PMS, cleansing and diuretic, cell health, anti-bacterial

How it is extracted: Steam distillation of leaves and stalks

Cost: Average price

Be careful of use during pregnancy and if you have circulation problems


With all essential oils you should use with extreme caution. In their pure essential oil form they are very strong and you should get an aromatherapist to blend these for you or buy a blend from a reputable seller. If you’re still planning to do it yourself you can either use one or two drops in a bath of water OR dilute it into an oil. Around 8-10 drops into 15ml of sweet almond oil or similar is average. This could be applied direct to skin in very small quantities on the affected area or somewhere else appropriate, especially arms/ legs/ abdomen/ pulse points. Avoid eye and intimate areas. If you are at all unsure, consult an aromatherapist. It is far far better to be safe than sorry with what is essentially powerful medicine.


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    • chavelle profile image

      Chavelle Ann-Marie Murray 

      6 years ago from Jamaica

      I found your hub to be very informative

    • nakmeister profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Lancaster, UK

      Yes they can be mixed together. An aromatherapist would make a blend for a particular illness such as a cold or a particular blend to alter your mood for instance if you were feeling very tired and wanted to feel rejuvinated. They'd probably choose 2-3 different oils to do what they wanted, usually choosing a high note, a medium note and a base note. These oils would combine to make the 8-10 drops in 15ml of sweet almond oil that I mentioned. Obviously certain ones mix better together, and certain ones shouldn't be combined. That is the life's work of an aromatherapist in finding the best blend to suit their client at that particular time. Good luck with it in the future, you will no doubt find it life enhancing and helping.

    • Saloca profile image


      6 years ago from Liverpool, UK

      I've always been interested in essential oils. Would love to get an idea of just what to do with them once I have them though. Can any be mixed together? How best to apply them and where?


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