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10 Countries With Most Attractive And Good Looking Population

Updated on June 25, 2016

Worlds Most Attractive Population

Beauty has been described throughout time, various cultures and vast different perceptions of the world. Beauty has been defined in so many ways, for some beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and for others beauty can be measured. It is a concept that has haunted poets, artists and academics for centuries. There are a thousand definitions of beauty and there are many degrees of each. Being subjective beauty has different meaning for different people.

There are 195 countries in the world, each with its own qualities and diversities. Some are known for their powerful army, some for technology, others are famous tourist destinations or business markets. There are few countries that are home to most beautiful population, with more glamorous famous people as well as good looking natives.Beauty dominates the laws of attraction, It’s totally human to admire the good looking ones as part of the natural selection.

Based on perceived attractiveness by the natives and experts below are the countries that are home to beautiful people. According to figures shared by popular dating sites some nationalities consistently prove to be more popular than the others.


The country is home to maximum number of Miss Universe and Miss World winners. Venezuelan land is gifted with pretty faces and good looking bodies. They are hot with their long slim body and appealing faces. Every year, they are such strong contenders in all beauty pageants that its hard not to notice Venezuelans for their breath taking beauty and amazing fashion sense. Venezuela definitely Tops as a Country churning out high number of beauty pageant winners. What else do you need to approve Venezuelan beauty.

Beauty Pagent Winners


Brazilians are deemed to be some of the most beautiful men and women in the world. As one of the mixed races in the world plenty of genetic diversity makes brazilians particularly more beautiful. The country is known for sporty soccer playing men, brazilian women have a sexy reputation too. That is helped by national models like Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Ana Beatriz Barros and not to forget players like Neymar, Andrea Pirlo, and Ricardo Izecson.


Tall blonde athletic reputation. Home to most beautiful men and women in the world. Top Dating sites report 60% and 62% acceptance rate for these men and women, which is relatively high when compared with other countries. Irresistible and come out leagues above other nations.

They have amazingly clear skin and flawless faces, contrary to popular belief, there are many brunettes in Sweden. Swedish women are very attractive with tall and thin bodies, they definitely leave much to be desired and posses an interesting and engaging personality.

Sweden Beauty


French are proud owners of incredible good looks. french men and women are praised alike for their effortless style and grace. They eat bread and cheese all day and still manage to stay slim. France has low obesity rates. Actors models you name it they have it. French are also known for their elegance and class. Acceptance rate comes out to be 20% 35% for men and women on dating sites acceptance rating scale.

The French, appreciate the good things in life and they're not afraid to say when something isn't up to standard. Their greatest asset is their eyes unique, deep, aloof, but dreamlike, their prideful sense of sophistication and cultural class.

French Beauty and Style


The USA provides the world with some of the most beautiful men and women in existence. With a population of around 319 million there are bound to be more than a few hotties.Blonde and Brunette beauties form majority of US population. Growing number of hot and beautiful movie stars, models, players and what not. USA has to offer a lot to glamour world. Dating sites rate their acceptance to be 22% 36% for men and women respectively

USA Beauty


This multiracial and multicultural land has produced some of the prettiest female faces in the world. With their dusky complexion, feminine and modest etiquette and black shiny hair are considered beautiful by many experts. High number of winners of most beauty pageants and even won miss world 4 times in seven years. Indian beauty is definitely recognized for their charm and intelligence. And who can forget Aishwarya Rai often known as Most Beautiful Women Of The World.

Kashmiri women are considered among the most beautiful in India, they have an English rosiness of complexion" and not far behind are dusky beauties of Bengal with sharp facial features and great bodies.

Indian Beauty


Norwegian women are one of the most attractive people on earth. Norway has one of the best healthcare and education system. They are popular for their good looks and charming personalities. Dating sites acceptance rate go upto 71% for women and 27% for men. Blessed with natural beauty and hot bodies norski girls are often sought by americans even.

Norwegian Beauty


Chivalrous, hot, romantic Italian stallions have one of the most sexiest reputations in the world. Sexier than female counterparts. Acceptance rate is 37% for men and women 25%. Italian men are universally loved and women are not too far behind. Sensual, sexy, elegant and effortlessly beautiful.

Italian Beauty

Italian Men


Sexy latinos of argentina are well- known for their beauty across the world. The population of this south american country is largely of european descent. Naturally gorgeous as well as largest plastic surgery enhanced nations.They are known for angelic facial features with sky blue eyes, requires little to no effort to enhance their looks when they are already born with extreme beauty. Acceptance rates for Argentinians for online dating data is 32 % men 43 % women.

Argentina Beauty


3rd tallest nationality in the world. The fair haired danish men are also ranked as the third most attractive group of men in the world. Danish genes grant deadly looks and charm that sway people off their feet when they encounter danish people, which also gives them 40% acceptance rate on popular dating sites. Viggo Mortensen of 'Lord of the Rings', Nikolaj Coster Waldau of 'Game of Thrones.' and Current Mister world is Danish Nicklas Pedersen confirm the claims of danish people being Hot and Happening.


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