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10 Frugal Makeup Tips

Updated on September 3, 2012

I'm not a believer of makeup brand names, although sometimes you do get what you pay for. The only way to find out what works best is to try them out. And once you buy them, there are ways to make them last longer and with a little creativity, you can even make your own. Here are some thrifty ways to save.

1. ALL MAKEUP: Stored in refrigerator (try tupperware), will help it last longer and keep it fresh.

2. MASCARA: When brush appears clumpy, clean it with some baby oil or olive oil on a rag, rinse with hot water. Try not to pump it in and out of tube, it will dry it out faster. When it gets dry, dab a bit of water in tube (only if mascara is not waterproof, of course).

TIP: Bacteria can build up quickly on a brush, so keep your brush clean and don't stretch its life out too long.

3. LIPSTICK: When it's at the end, use a lipstick brush and go to the bottom with it. You can also mix a tiny bit of petroleum jelly in the tube for a lighter and shinier shade, while extending its life.

4. LIPSTICK: When shades you think are too dark go on sale, buy and mix with petroleum jelly in a mint tin or pill box to get the shade you like. More vaseline = lighter shades.

TIP: Mint tins, pill boxes, contact lens cases are some ideas to store homemade gloss in.

5. NAIL POLISH: When it gets thick, put in a dab of nail polish remover and shake bottle. You can also use clear nail polish.

6. LIQUID BASE: Apply to lips before lipstick and lipstick will stay on longer.

7. LIQUID BASE: Apply to upper eyelids for eye shadows to stay on longer.

8. COUPONS: Check out manufacturer coupons on their sites and don't forget Facebook, where a lot of makeup companies network. Combine these coupons with in-store coupons for extra savings.

9. OUTLET STORES: They have great brand name discounted makeup . Even the Dollar Stores have great deals on some name brands. And the makeup name you've never heard of may be just as good as the expensive ones you buy. Check them out before you judge.

TIP: When buying discounted makeup from a name brand you've never heard of, make sure it's hypoallergenic.

10. EYE/LIP/BROW PENCILS: Sometimes the lip liners are more expensive than the eyeliners or brow pencils. The pencil has no idea where you're going to apply it, just as a pen has no idea where you will write. You can use a brow pencil for your eyeliner or an eyeliner for a lip liner. The only difference is the label.

TIP: If you run out of eyeliner or looking for an alternative, use black eyeshadow and a slanted brush. You will get a smokey eye. And for liquid eyeliner, you can safely add a dab of water to extend it.

EXTRA TIP: If you keep the old liquid eyeliner brush and tube, you can make your own liquid eyeliner by simply adding a bit of water to eyeshadow. You can either keep it in the tube and use the brush or add water to the brush and swipe it on the black shadow. You'll be amazed how long this will last on your eyes.

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