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10 Hot Boho Heels for summer 2010

Updated on January 5, 2010
1.chunky wedge
1.chunky wedge
2.Comfy sandal
2.Comfy sandal
10.Brown leather
10.Brown leather

Hot heels 2010...

1.Chunky wedge: I'm not going to lie, the best thing about these shoes is that their designed by Fergie...But still, that disregards the shoe none, obviously.

The cork wedge certainly isn't for everyone. But if you are a fan of it, you might as well get some Fergies.

Another bonus about these babies is that, these are way more comfortable than stilletto heels. If you do get sore feet from wearing them at the beginning, you will get used to them easily.

2.Comfy sandal: I've got a feeling that there will be some mixed feelings about this shoe in particular..Personally, i like it, i feel, that others might hate it, accusing it of being ugly..But either way, you can't deny that a platform-thong-style shoe is a pretty good option for a comfy summer boho-style heel.

I advice that you don't go for the plain jandle/thong variation of this shoe though, they look pretty tacky. But in saying that, they do suit some people, without looking bad or odd or anything. The cork heel is definitely the only way to go for this type of shoe.

3.Black: You really want to have at least one pair of black shoes. Especially if your a person whom tends to distress about what to wear, they make a fine alternative resort. There's only one rule you should follow when wearing black, and that's don't ever combine it with brown.

4.Red: Red shoes because red has been proven to be the sexiest colour.

Red isn't for everyone though, but there are alternatives. If you feel that typical red doesn't really suit you, try a maroon or red plum shade.

Avoid wearing red with red, as doing so, doesn't tend to harmonize. Also avoid wearing brown, purple or green with red, those combos don't really work either.
Some shades of blue will go with red, some wont. Usually it's the dark shades of blue, like navy, that can harmonize with red.

5.Pumps: Okay so the pumps featured aren't exactly boho style, but damn their hot, i couldn't not include them! I just can't decide whether to get pink or black...But either way these shoes are seriously hot.

These shoes in particular, (the ones in the pic), are man made with Italian leather and a 5 1/4" heel. And they aren't cheap! ...$630US...

If that's a tad out of your price range, there are plenty of chain-stores to scouts, where I'm sure, you will come across a similar pair. I'm sure these shoes will cause you some wicked pain in the might not ever get used to them, especially if you don't wear high-heels often.

If these shoes are a bit extreme for you, there are smaller variations of the same style shoe, available at most shoe-shops and online stores.

6.strappy: What to look for in a strappy heeled sandal is some sort of design formed with the straps. Strappy sandals as such are almost like jewellery. If so, wear minimum jewellery to compensate, especially if the shoe is a metallic colour.

Cheap sandals with many straps tend to eventually break. So it's best to go for quality over quantity when it comes to straps. If straps are fixed to the shoe with a stud, this indicates quality, as the strap is then a lot less likely to break.

7.Slide on: Slide on's are ideal for people whom can't really be bothered wearing heels, but they do anyway. Although sometimes, slide on heels can feel difficult to walk in, usually that's because the strap that holds your foot in the shoe isn't wide enough, or positioned correctly on the shoe.

If you buy some slide on heels,when you try them on, take note of how much your heel lifts from the shoe when you walk in them. If your heel seems to lift from the shoe more than an inch, then don't buy them. Because you will probably have to scrunch up your feet to keep them on.

This style shoe goes best with either a casual skirt or jeans. Metallic is good, because it works with most other colors.

8.Sling-back: Sling-backs aren't exactly necessary, some people like them, some don't..But that's just like anything i guess. I don't usually fancy them myself, but i do think these ones in particular are pretty great really. For starters, their black and simple, so they will go well with absolutely anything you wear. The heel is relatively chunky, so they won't give your feet TOO much grief, aside height of a 5" heel.

9.Bling: Be very selective when buying shoes with bling if you want them to last. Unfortunately, rhinestones and the like on shoes with bling, tend to eventually fall off. That's because there is no other way of securing the bling to the shoe with out glueing it.

If you like bling, invest in a some good quality bling shoes, rather than 3 pairs of cheap ones. Because once the bling falls off it pretty much screws the whole shoe.
Often when diamanties fall out of shoes, they leave an unattractive looking metal claw, and the shoes are ruined.

10.Brown leather: The difference between wearing a brown leather shoe, and a brown leather bag is, brown leather shoes don't work well with a lot of colours. That's not the same when your carrying a brown bag, which usually looks pretty natural.

Brown leather shoes are best combined with neutral tones of clothing, and the colours green. and pastel yellow. Be cautious about wearing brown leather shoes with bright colours, because it could look obviously mis-matched. Never wear black with brown!


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    • marcel285 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from New Zealand

      Arn't they just! Well we have good taste in common for starters! lol! Some hubs i have seen, ie: advertising vintage earrings, they have heaps of examples, but most of them are butt ugly!!!

    • blondepoet profile image


      8 years ago from australia

      Omg you write about all my favourite subjects, we have heaps in common. Now this shoes I would just die for, they are divine.


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