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10 natural ways to have a flawless skin

Updated on January 27, 2014

People, especially women are trying their best to achieve a beautiful, smooth and good looking skin. They are spending too much money on whatever beauty products just to get that flawless skin they are dreaming of. However, chemicals that are mixed in the product are harmful and can damage the skin. But despite of its harm, people are still using the product.

Reasons why some people want to have a perfect and flawless skin:

  • To improve self-esteem because uneven dark discoloration makes people feel uncomfortable.
  • Flawless skin is attractive.
  • Having flawless skin makes you feel comfortable and outgoing.
  • It is definitely healthy for the overall health in the skin.

Why permanent skin lightening is bad?

Permanent skin lightening has been around even before you were born. Skin experts suggested that permanent skin lightening may have a bad effect on the skin. I don't recommend permanent skin lightening, it destroys melanin, a skin pigment that is responsible for the color of your skin. You may regret it in later years. Darker people produces melanin than white people. It protects them from the sun. If you are planning for skin bleaching, please don't do it. You can enhance the color of your skin to make it more flawless using safe products and dermatologist tested. Remember that natural beauty is always beautiful.

Outward Appearance

If you haven't read my hub "How to Have a Pimple or Acne-Free Skin", it stated there on how to maintain the habit of having a clean and acne free skin. Although, we can't prevent the sign of aging, at least we can prolong the signs of our youth.

As I mentioned in my Beauty hub, the first four is concern about your outward appearance. Having a flawless skin doesn't come like a magic. Taking good care of it would be the best thing you can do.

The four-step process:

1. Cleanse.

Gentle cleansing is important to remove all the dirt from the days event. Use facial wash or scrubs that is perfect for your skin type.

2. Exfoliate.

This is to cleanse off dead skin, dead cells, dirt, oil and pollutant that may develop into infections. Use exfoliate product that is skin friendly and not harsh for your skin.

3. Toner.

The use of toner is to bring back your skin into its pH level as it restores your skin after the cleaning process. It does shrink your pores. And it relaxes your skin and works as anti-inflammatory that when you wake up in the morning, you will be looking fresh and fabulous.

4. Moisturize.

There are night moisturizer and day moisturizer. Use a day moisturizer that has SPF 15. It protects you from the sun and prevent your skin from having sun spot and premature wrinkles. Moisturizer would leave your skin soft, smooth and radiant.


Inward Skin- Care Tips

If you want to maintain that flawless looking skin, you have to do something to maintain it. I revealed the outward tips on how to achieve that flawless, great skin. Now, lets do something from within.

5. Drink water.

Yes, drinking water helps a lot. It is a natural way to achieve such flawless skin. It help flush the toxins out from your body. It helps improve your complexion and avoid you from hydration. It may not be 8 ounces a day but at least, do not skip to drink water in a day.

6. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and right amount of food.

Eating the right amount of food that is equal to your body needs may helps. Providing good nutrients for your skin may improve its texture, which you can find in fruits and vegetable. You build your body with what you eat. If you keep on eating junk, it may not be a good suggestion for the overall health of your skin.

7. Exercise.

A long run, an enduring dumb bells work out and a back and forth ways of salsa dancing are good options for your daily exercise. Daily workout makes you sweat and as you sweat, it eliminates body toxins that are responsible for clog pores and plagued your skin with pimples and acne. Sweating through exercise will help you eliminate that body toxins that you don't need.

8. Sleep.

Your skin surrenders when you are lack of sleep. Your eye bags are puffing out when you lack of sleep. Your skin color changed when you lack of sleep. And if you are looking for the ways to have a radiant looking skin, sleep is also one of the habit that you should consider. When you sleep, your skin repairs and restores the damage during the day.

9. Do not overused the sun.

I mean, don't exposed yourself of too much sun. Sun is good for you in the morning time for Vitamin D supply, but if you are exposed in the sun for the whole day, it is not good for your skin. You may develop sunburns, skin discoloration and skin dryness. UVA rays from the sun penetrates deep into your skin and destroys collagen.

10. Meditate. Be stress-free and smile.

Meditation will help you to alleviate the stress from day to day, from work, from people around you and from everything that surrounds you. Your face is radiant when you put away the loads that you carry for a long long while. Having a stress-free life may makes you smile.

Smile can make you happy. Study shows that if you put on the smile on your face, it may release the happiness hormones (endorphins) and making you feel refreshed.


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