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3 Iconic "Power" Fashion Statements

Updated on May 10, 2015

A Fresh New Look Using 3 Things Already In Your Closet

Shopping is such a fun task, especially in New York city. Yet, this fun new look is designed by you, and can be created using 3 items in your closet.

* Dress or jumpsuit

* Long dramatic scarf

* Belt

Step 1. Hop into the dress or jumpsuit.

Step 2. Take the scarf and drape it over one shoulder as a sash. Make sure the scarf you choose is long enough to fall below your waist both in front and behind you.

Step 3: Use the belt to secure the scarf and define the presence of a waist.

This fun look is great for traveling lightly and acquiring various looks with a few items. Sometimes it is not what we wear, only how we rock it. To make this idea even more personal, consider a solid dress with a printed scarf, a solid scarf over a printed dress. Be creative and try even more ways like mixing solids colors, mixing fabric textures, neutral colors with a pop of color using a bright belt, or my favorite:

A solid dress, a solid scarf with a fun vibrant, printed belt. Have fun! Feel free to submit pictures in my comment feed below.

Power House Purposed

Fashion is fun, flirty, sexy and daring. Fashion is practical art and luxury. Fashion is always changing yet, a familiar friend. Fashion is finally going to exude power.

Let's not forget that despite guidelines, regulations, and rules we fancy it to ourselves. Whether we boldy invent the ingenious, or commit downright detestable infractions, fashion is a way to reinvent the message of the self. What you wear speaks volumes before you open your mouth. The choices we make are not always are as transparent as fashion. No one has to know who you are, or what you've done in life, to make a fashion assessment of you. I have 3 trends that will forever assess fashionable power. The first is gender neutral. The second is highly focused on the powerful way for women to embrace sexy sophisticated fashion. The third is a way men can grasp powerful prose in the poetry of a fashionable tapestry.

#1 The Bold Gold Watch

Going For The Gold
Going For The Gold | Source

The Golden Rules:

This look is most effective as an expression of power: using a watch that is all gold, or has a predominantly gold presence. The best part about wearing a yellow gold watch, is to flaunt it as a statement piece. Use a dramatic contrast such as an all black ensemble with a sprinkle of planned yellow gold accents. The yellow gold accents, such as a tassle necklace or long earrings, serve to tie everything together, while drawing all eyes to the bold gold watch. Red, navy blue, and hunter's green are also classic one color ensemble completes, that will let your yellow gold watch shout out.

One of my favorites: the shiny rose gold watch! It glows with a hint of feminine flare. However, the soft pink does not have to be limited to only women. Anyone can look fabulous in rose gold. The one color ensemble completes that would make this timeless: stark white with small rose gold accessories to accentuate your bold rose gold watch. Chocolate, wine, cream, pastel green, and khaki ensemble completes also serve to dramaticize this look. One detail that is completely awesome to set off the power of this look: ensure your hardware on your handbag, briefcase, or satchel matches your watch. Then you will have maximized the execution of this powerfullly planned fashion practice.

You Don't Have To Be Bad To Be " Drawn That Way" Not For The Faint of Heart

#2 The Little Red Dress

For countless fashion seasons, 'the little black dress' has been praised and even epitomized. By no means is this wrong. The little black dress with a classic, 16 inch strand of pearls is timeless, elegant, and perhaps the safest fashion choice of them all. It is also my personal go to, I have options when comes to the little black dress, because just like anything good, "bet you can't have just one".

However, the goal here is power, and power requires a risk that has clearly been managed by a conqueror. Power is a way to communicate a bold, well thought out plan, executed with confidence. Power gets straight to the point. Jessica Rabbit is an extreme example, yet she is iconic in her rendition of the sexy red dress. You can be too, such a fantasy is rarely approached by real women and that's what will make it powerful.

It doesn't matter your body type, there is a style of dress that can accentuate your best attributes. There is a shade of red that can compliment any skin tone.

The point of this exercise is to make you into a head-turning knockout whose fashion presence is a powerful statement. Rock your sexy red dress short and sweet, or long and seductive. Take it up a notch with your hair. Choose either long dramatic loose curls or a snazzy tantalizing updo. It is said that when the eyes process the sight of red, the heart skips a beat.

Make His Heart Skip A Beat

Halter Happiness
Halter Happiness
Plunging neckline and high splits
Plunging neckline and high splits
Half sleeves, whole heart
Half sleeves, whole heart

Scatter My Ashes Movie

The Place of Power

There are tons of places that will make you feel like a powerful shopper. Sometimes, the experience while shopping is just as exhilarating as the actual find. Entering certain establishments feel grandiosely fab, many times the service is imperative for that feeling. To find extra personal attention as to what is recommended for the occasion, you body type, or even for a new take on the hottest new trends, a personal shopper is a great ally. Instead of hiring one, or finding yourself dependent upon concierge services, some stores have advisors and specialist already at your disposal from the moment you enter the door. The video to the right will give you an idea why this particular department store is being immortalized in film.

#3 The Diamond Studded Necktie

100 Diamond Necktie By Stefano Ricci, the Italian design house.
100 Diamond Necktie By Stefano Ricci, the Italian design house. | Source

Powerful Fashion Can Be Reverenced Forever

What Type of Fashion Icon Are You?

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Tie It All Together

A diamond studded tie can send anyone into black tie event frenzy. However, this look can be dressed down and pull off a powerful play on masculine sparkle. While a woman can also rock this style, I wanted to make sure the men could adopt a powerful statement piece with confidence.

A nice complimenting short sleeve, or long sleeve button down, diamond studded tie, and neutral color vest will liven up a pair of tailor fitted jeans, slacks and loafers. Driving shoes, or gentlemen slippers can also tie this powerful look together.

The diamond studded tie also makes perfect fashion sense for business or dress attire. Make it a stylish addition to the way you normally would wear your suit. To add a top hat or cumberbund is definitely over doing it. Just a touch of diamond shine with matching cufflinks is just the right amount of powerful play.

Bling Like You Mean It

Mens White Slim Tie Full Silver Diamonte Stud Bling V Italian
Mens White Slim Tie Full Silver Diamonte Stud Bling V Italian | Source
Mens Black Slim Tie Diamante Studded Bling V Italian
Mens Black Slim Tie Diamante Studded Bling V Italian | Source


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    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 2 years ago from Shimla, India

      Beautifully written.

    • Ameri Elizabeth profile image

      Elizabeth Ameri 3 years ago

      Brilliant article! Thumbs up for the little Red dress!