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10 Quick Natural Tips to Get Soft, Rosy and Pink Lips

Updated on July 12, 2017
Neha Sadana profile image

Neha has been writing beauty articles for 5 years. She is passionate about skincare and natural remedies.

Tips for pink, rosy lips
Tips for pink, rosy lips | Source

Do you know any person who does not desire for soft, supple pink lips? Lips add beauty to your face and charm to your smile, but owing to harsh weather conditions, improper care and wrong eating habits your lips can turn darker and lose their natural rosy hue. Here are some easy and quick tips to get soft pinkish lips without abusing them with any more chemical treatments.

1. Lemon and Honey for tan removal and moisture

Lemon is known for its deep cleansing action and honey is known for its moisturizing action. Mix equal portion of lemon juice and honey in a bowl. With the help of cotton or with your fingers tips, apply this mixture on your lips. Leave this for oddly for half an hour and wash them with water. This treatment can be done multiple times in a day to get results quickly.

Often our lips are left out from daily UV protection; this treatment will leave them deeply clean, soft, pink and will remove tan making them look soft and healthy. This is a very revitalizing home treatment you must give a try.

2. Soak in glycerin to get rid of dark lips

When lips are dark they tend to get dry too, and this darkness in return make them look darker. To treat dark lips it is important to fix dryness of lips first. Glycerin is easily available in market and is used for moisturizing purposes since ages. Dab a cotton ball in glycerin and apply it directly over your lips, but before you go to bed.

Glycerin will nourish your lips overnight. Wake up in the morning to well moisturized pink lips. You can continue doing this as long as you wish to.

Soft and rosy lips will make you look more beautiful!
Soft and rosy lips will make you look more beautiful! | Source

3. Exfoliate lips using an old toothbrush

Skin on lips is very delicate and is prone to accumulate dead skin over it. For pink lips it is required to exfoliate them regularly in order to get rid of dead skin. Take an old toothbrush, the one having very soft bristles. Damp it and gently rub your lips in circular motion. Put extra caution in being gentle, it can hurt your lips. Massaging gently in circular motion will stimulate blood flow and make them soft and pink.

4. Honey and Sugar Scrub

Honey and sugar come together to form a scrub that takes off dead skin and moisturize lips as well. Mix honey with crystal sugar and massage your lips gently. You will find your lips supple and pinker after scrubbing. This homemade scrub will let you get rid of dry flakes from lips.

Beetroot for pinkish tinge on lips
Beetroot for pinkish tinge on lips | Source

5. Beetroot massage for pinkish touch

Beetroot tends to leave color and a red beetroot will leave a beautiful pink tinge on your lips. Cut a red beetroot into thin slices. Massage gently your lips with these slices and leave them for a while. Beetroot will also clear tan from your lips very effectively and quickly.

6. Cucumber Juice cleaning for rosy lips

We all know cucumber juice do wonders when used for skin lightening purposes. Its results are magical on face and on dark circles. Cucumber juice has the same effect on lips too. This cleaning method is easy, cheap and very effective and helps to achieve soft and supple lips.

Say no to smoking to get rid of dark lips
Say no to smoking to get rid of dark lips | Source

7. Say no to smoking for healthy looking lips

Smoking is just not harmful for health but for your skin and lips too. Smoking makes your lips extremely dark and totally lifeless. Do yourself a favor and say no to smoking, right away. If you already have dark lips due to excessive smoking, try rubbing olive oil on lips at night. This will add glow and bring back life to dull lips.

8. Avoid caffeine drinks

Caffeine has components that actually darken skin. They are commonly used in hair darkening products. You have to consume tea or coffee or any caffeine beverage in moderation as it will leave your lips really dark.

9. Rosy Lips with rose petals

Take some rose petals and grind them to extract their juice. Apply this juice on your lips. Rose petals will nourish your lips, hydrate them, lighten their color, and make them look brighter and healthier. Do try this quick tip for your lips.

10. Drink water and juices

Hydrate yourself well to get soft and supple lips. Drink lots of water, juices rich in Vitamin C. They will nourish skin, hydrate them and give your lips and skin a natural glow.

Soft, supple and pink lips make a warming smile more beautiful. Take good care of them. Little awareness, some quick tips and change in lifestyle can enhance your beauty. So, don’t be jealous by looking around to beautiful ladies, get pink lips by following the above natural tips.


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      suzanne 2 years ago

      My lower lip is pink. But my upper lip is dark. How can i treat it? Can u help me?