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Top 9 Reasons Why Beyonce Rules.....

Updated on December 27, 2013

Beyonce Knowles rules. And not just when she rocks her sexy swimsuit on the beaches of St. Tropez. She rules at life and ultimately, rules the world. This is even an understatement as this mega superstar has been running the music game for years. She is an inspiration to her fans and to the youth of America and is a favorite amongst adults alike. There is nothing this gal can't do. We broke down the top reasons why Beyonce is America's sweetheart and why she will continue to rule the world for years to come.

Destiny's Child

If you can believe it, it has been 11 years since Beyonce released her first solo single for the soundtrack to the third Austin Powers movie, Goldmember. Before that though, she was part of the superstar pop trio Destiny's Child. The girl group has sold over 60 million records worldwide and is ranked by Billboard as the ninth most successful artists/bands of all time. Girl works well in a group, too.

Super Bowl Performance

If I could just watch Beyonce's Super Bowl performance on a loop for the rest of eternity, I would happily oblige. Mrs. Carter knocked the performance out of the stadium with a mixture of all her top hits, performing with the gusto of a new artist and the moves of a professional. Beyonce's dance moves seriously put her in a category that defies super stardom. Check the whole performance out below and....try not to fall in love.

Releasing an Album at Midnight in Secret

One of Beyonce's most newsworthy moments came within the past few weeks when she released a full studio album with accompanying music videos at midnight with no warning or promotional campaigns. This type of marketing move is clearly unheard of, and shocked the world. Social media was a buzz for days discussing all the tracks and videos. But what's better, is that even without the promotional strategy and release date build up, Beyonce smashed records with her album sales. Do we expect anything less?

Role Model for Women

With pop hits like "Single Ladies" and "Miss Independent" Beyonce sings to women about being strong, independent women with confidence and pride. I found qualities in Beyonce that make her a pinnacle for admiration amongst girls of any age. There is a difference between an entertainer and a person and Beyonce sings songs and talks of female empowerment -- empowerment that radiates as she walks down a stage and leads her all-female band. She is a role model for girls of all ages and walks of life, and the epitome of femininity and strength.

Girl Can Act, Too

Only a few years after establishing herself in the pop and R&B world, Knowles was ready to expand beyond her musical talents and jumped into film. She got her acting feet wet at the age of 20 with the logical transitional project Carmen: A Hip Hopera. Knowles soon made the transition to the big screen, spending the early 2000s alternating between comedy and projects rooted in her primary interest in music. She made her feature-film acting debut in 2002 in Austin Powers in Goldmember. Most notoriously, Beyonce was cast in the musical sensation Dreamgirls, which propelled her into the spectrum of serious acting.

Her Acts of Kindness

Taylon, one of Beyonce's many fans, has an inoperable brain tumor at the age of 12. Her one wish was to dance with Beyonce and of course, Queen Bey made it happen, not only dancing together but singing her smash his "Survivor".

Her Husband is Jay-Z

What happens when you combine two of the biggest super stars and they fall in love and get married? Well, you create the biggest power couple in the world, of course. The duo was married in 2008 forming probably the strongest union in rap and pop history. Besides the fact we can't get enough watching the two together, seeing a softer side to Jay is amazing in itself. The two stars will be the couple to watch for a very long time to come.

An Adoring Mother

In 2012, Beyonce and Jay Z welcomed their first child Blue Ivy. Although the pregnancy was kept hush hush for a very long time, once photos were released of their daughter, we couldn't get enough. With the adorable curly hair and infectious laugh, you can see Blue Ivy is going to grow up to be a heart breaker. As far as Beyonce, just check out her most recent song, "Blue" and you'll understand what a devoted mother she is.

She Loves Her Fans

Most recently Beyonce visited a Walmart outside of Boston and announced to the customers in the store that the first $50 of their purchases were on her. The total amount of her holiday gift: $37,500. Happy holidays indeed.


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