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10 Best Reasons to Like Fashion Designer Jenni Kayne

Updated on October 31, 2012

Jenni Kayne is a young fashion designer who has been active on the scene since 2003. Although people who truly love fashion definitely know her name she’s not a household brand. She certainly isn’t listed as one of the top ten American designers on most people’s lists. That’s too bad; she’s a designer with a great sense of style and someone you might want to pay more attention to if clothes are something that capture your interest.

10 Reasons you Might Like Jenni Kayne:

1. Her pieces are timeless. Probably the best thing about Kayne’s designs is that they aren’t just limited to a season. Most gals these days are looking for clothing that they can invest in, clothing that they can wear for a long time to come. Kayne creates designs that can be worn in different seasons, layered together depending on your tastes and modern in aesthetic even as time passes. This makes her clothes worth the money that they cost since the price evens out over the lifetime of the items.

2. She’s inspired by places around the world. Kayne got her design education in Italy so she certainly has that great fashion capital as part of her inspiration. However her designs are not limited. She’s a Los Angeles resident who has also spent a lot of time living in New York so she’s influenced by both East Coast and West Coast styles. She’s also influenced by cultures around the world. Women from all types of backgrounds can wear her stuff.

3. Celebrities endorse her. If you care about that sort of thing then you’ll be happy to know that there are a lot of celebrities who enjoy wearing Kayne’s clothes. The Olson twins, who are also known for their design abilities of course, are fans as are Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson. Even guys like Adam Brody cast their vote for her.

4. Kayne’s clothes are wearable. She was once quoted as saying that she likes “clothes that you can throw down on the floor and still be able to wear”. Most women would agree that this is a great quality. Of course, nobody wants to really admit that they keep their clothes on the floor but the fact of the matter is that most of us toss things about here and there. And even if you don’t, you’ll surely appreciate the fact that her clothes remain wearable without requiring a lot of effort on your part. Another quote she’s said recently is that she believes people should be able to wear the heck out of their clothes.

5. Her Spring 2010 collection inspires a clutter-free feeling. Kayne just became a new mom and that’s a good reason to want to get control over the clutter in your life. Perhaps that was the starting point for some of the inspiration for her really great 2010 collection. She says that it’s American sportswear with an edge but it seems like it has a little bit too much style to call it quite that. Whatever it’s called, it’s comfortable and interesting.

6. Her collections are consistent but never quite the same. Kayne definitely has a sense of style that is all her own. As you get to know her designs, you’ll be able to pick out the clothes on the racks that are hers. However, she’s never boring. She always changes things up. One season her line will be filled with bold colors and the next she’s doing an all-black line. It makes you always want to see what she’s coming up with next and yet be sure that you’ll probably like it if you’ve liked her stuff in the past.

7. She’ll mix daring pieces with less edgy items. There is a little bit of something for every woman in Kayne’s collections. She’ll do leather hot pants and a bustier but she’ll also do something that a mom could wear to pick up her kids. This shows that she really knows women; we have many different facets that we play out in life and we want our wardrobes to suit that. Kayne keeps everything stylish; there aren’t boring “mom” clothes and then racy “sex kitten” clothes – there are just super clothes that fall in different places on the sexy spectrum.

8. She also does shoes. Kayne doesn’t limit her designing to just great clothing. She also designs shoes. She loves to produce tall heels that are comfortable to wear and yet aren’t outrageously priced. Um, is this a dream come true for women or what?

9. And bags. Kayne created a really cool bag last year called the Mommy Bag. It doesn’t sound like something most women want but it’s actually a great design for moms with newborns. It provides another option in addition to the less-stylish diaper bags that are on the shelves for moms to buy. Plus it has an eco-friendly twist to it which is something that a lot of young moms care about. Seems like Kayne does it all!

10. It’s almost like she can read your mind. Fans of the designer say that Kayne has an uncanny ability to read your mind. She seems to know what you would love to be wearing even before you have an idea of what it is that’s missing from your closet. Her clothes feel familiar, as if you dreamed them up for yourself at some point in the past and now they’re being realized right in front of you. This gives a magical quality to your shopping and yet it makes it practical as well.


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  • profile image

    Carlos 4 years ago

    Honestly I agree with hayden., and I love the whole sell your squad idea. Personally I'd love to see pace becmoe less of a factor. I'm a very total football kind of man, I love having passing specialists in my team and being able to dominate possession which is why I hate those stupid untalented quick guys some shit team sticks up top. I think I also want to see more specialization when it comes to stadiums, like if I'm at the etihad, I want the net to be black or if I'm at the bernabau I want the crowd right behind the goal instead of 80 yards away. I also want more freedom on celebrations. If I just scored a goal in stoppage time, I whhjhant to o rip my shirt off or go celebrate with the crowd or the subs. And if I'm up 6 or 7 nil why can't I just start walking emotionlessand give one of my teamates a gentle high five. I also want new commentators, like Macca or and Ian darke on ESPN who are the best! Rather than Clyde tilsley and his butt buddy Andy town send, I mean come on EA get creative!!!

  • profile image

    peace amekuse 5 years ago

    her designer are very nice and so good.

  • profile image

    carlliao 5 years ago

    dear friends

    i want to find a fashion designer from USA.i have a large clothes manufacture.i can produce 1million pieces clothes every my factory ,there are chinese fashion designers ,pattern makers ,general workers and can view our product via: you can ask for a catalog of my product.

    best regards


  • profile image

    abhiappu 7 years ago

    an designer...

    i wud lik to follow jenni

  • mysisters profile image

    mysisters 7 years ago

    Great Hub. Jenni Kayne is a very young talented designer who creates great clothes and shoes.

  • FunkyPrincess profile image

    FunkyPrincess 7 years ago from Bali - Indonesia, Darling!

    I always like article about fashion, this ones gives me a short and good review on Jenni Kayne ???

  • profile image

    kewl 7 years ago

    This is the best site ever!!!

  • profile image

    kewl 7 years ago

    hay your really kewl!!!

  • breakingnews profile image

    breakingnews 7 years ago from Pakistan

    Nice hub! by Kathryn Vercillo, thanks to sharing good and blessings

  • betterlabs profile image

    betterlabs 7 years ago from San Jose, California

    Great to know that Ashley Olson, Kate Olsen, Adam Broody, Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson endorse her. How come it never crossed to me, but thanks for notifying i love her designs too.

  • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

    DeBorrah K Ogans 8 years ago

    Kathryn Vercillo, Nice hub! Her clothes are simple and practical... I like the classic sheath style dresses. Thank you for sharing, Blessings!

  • Ann Nonymous profile image

    Ann Nonymous 8 years ago from Virginia

    Great hub, Kathryn! And although I don't think I have heard of her before I do believe I am going to like her because of reasons #4, 8, and 9 alone!!!!

  • myawn profile image

    myawn 8 years ago from Florida

    her clothes sound like some I would wear a lot. Shoes too. She is very talented.Thanks for the great hub!

  • profile image

    Nan 8 years ago

    I like the picture of her shoes. You didn't say how much her clothes cost? Next time inform us so that we will know if we can afford them..I suppose we could buy one for each season.