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10 Ways To Dress Yourself Slimmer Instantly

Updated on July 22, 2016

1. Stand up straight.

Stand up straight by straightening you back and put your shoulder back. This will pull your stomach in and makes you appear 10 pounds lighter or more. Sometimes, this can be very uncomfortable if you're used to slouching or having a poor posture, but you can have a huge differences visually if try standing up straight. Try sleeping flat on your back as this can help you have a straighter back during the day.

2. Wear dark clothing.

Wear black or other dark color clothing. This is because black, and other dark colors clothing reduce the amount of shadows that can be seen on your body hence creating an optical illusion making you look thinner. If wearing all black is not your kind of thing, try wearing black jeans instead.

3. Wear clothing that fits you.

Try not to wear clothing that is too tight or too big. Wearing clothes that are too tight will brings out your body shape meaning, your stomach bulge which we do not want. Clothes that are too big is also not good because of the added bulk and hiding of your form making it looks like you've got more under there than you do. If you happen to wear tight clothing, try not to slouch as this may cause the appearance of stomach bulge and bloating.

4. Wear flattering accessories.

Wear an accessory that matches your outfit but beware of wearing too much accessories. What accessories do is that, it distracts people attention away from your abdominal parts or other body parts you're trying to hide.

5. Wear V-neckline clothing.

This creates a high focal point up and away from your abdominal areas giving the illusion of a longer and slimmer upper body. Plus, the more expose the areas between you neck and chest (within reasons!) the more elegant your features seems overall.

6. Wear corset.

Wearing corset makes your waistline appear slimmer and also it brings out your S-line. These tighten your core so beware of eating too much while wearing these as it may cause indigestion. You can wear these under your clothes or outside.

7. Wear shapewear.

This is closely similar with corset but this can only be worn under your clothes. These are available in shirts, shorts and bodysuits which are made of elastic fibers that hold your body in key position. Even though it is tight and is often uncomfortable, it works amazingly well in enhancing your features.

8. Wear heels.

Wearing heels help in making you look slimmer by changing your posture naturally; rotating your hips to tuck in your bottom and making you stand straight with your shoulder back. Doing this will also help in creating an illusion of a longer and slimmer legs. For women, try wearing high heels as often as you can to make yourself looks thinner. As for man, try wearing shoes that provide a little bit of heels.

9. Wear hats.

Wearing hats will draw the attention away from the tummy area. The bigger your hat is the better as it helps in drawing people attention.

*Extra: 10. Avoid salty foods.

Consuming too much salty foods will cause bloating and makes you look chubbier than you normally are. This is because when you consume too much salty foods, water retention occurs in your body hence causing you to look bloated. Although, this does not make you look slimmer instantly and you need to do this in advance which takes a few days for your body to return to normal but the effort will pay off eventually.


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