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10 Ways to Wear an Adult Snow White Costume Dress

Updated on October 30, 2012

Enter the phrase “snow white dress” into Google and what you’re going to find is a lot of options for buying a child’s costume. Snow White is definitely a kid’s character and this costume is a popular choice for children who need to get dressed up for events like Halloween. However, it’s possible that you might want to wear a Snow White Dress as an adult, too. This could be because you’ve got a hankering to go back to your childhood days when you weren’t allowed to get this costume for Halloween. Or maybe it’s because you enjoy wearing costumes that put a sexy twist on an old fairy tale favorite. Whatever your reason for wanting to wear an adult Snow White Dress, here’s a review of ten different ways that you could choose to go with this style if you were so inclined: 

1. Classic Adult Snow White Costume

This is an example of a really classic Snow White costume that's been re-sized to fit an adult's body. If you always wanted to dress up like Snow White when you were a child but didn't get the chance to then this is the kind of adult Snow White costume that is probably going to be what you're looking for. It's also great for someone who did dress up as Snow White as a kid and who wants to re-live that. Or, if you're a Mom who wants to dress up with your children now then a classic outfit like this is perfect. It's pretty but it's not revealing. It's just plain magical.

2. Slightly Sinister Adult Snow White Costume

This version of the adult Snow White costume is interesting. On the one hand, it's still simple and not revealing. On the other hand, the high color and the structure of the dress tend to hint a little bit at a more grown-up, perhaps even sinister, side of Snow White. Gone is all of the innocence from the first type of costume that we looked at and instead we see something that's a bit more adult. This is a good choice for an adult who wants to wear a grown-up Snow White costume to something like a work party where being too revealing wouldn't be appropriate.

3. Slightly Sexy Adult Snow White Costume

What if you're ready to start looking at sexier adult Snow White costumes? You are going to have a whole range of different options from the slightly sexy to the kind of costumes that are meant to be worn only inside the privacy of your own bedroom. If you're looking for something that you can wear out and still be seen as basically appropriate then you'll choose something like this outfit. The dress itself isn't excessively revealing. The top isn't too low cut. The skirt is short but not inappropriately so. Instead, it's the little touches that make this adult Snow White costume seem sexy. It's the red shoes and the knee high socks. You could easily remove those and wear the rest of the Snow White outfit to a work costume party then add the accessories to sexy it up a bit.

4. Snow White Dress with Fishnets

Here we've got basically the same adult Snow White dress as we saw in the last image. What's different? In this case we've replaced the knee-high socks with red fishnet stockings. The change is small but the effect is anything but subtle. The above look is the one that you'd choose when you want to hint at sexy but still hint at innocence at the same time. This look is one that says you're ready to spell out sexy with your Snow White Dress.

5. Sexy Snow White Dress

Here we've upped the ante and are looking at a truly sexy Snow White dress that wouldn't be appropriate for a work-related costume party no matter which way you cut it. What's different here? Well, the corset-style lace-up front of the dress boosts up your cleavage and hints at the possibility of undressing you. The stockings and heels are designed to be sexy. The white trim peeking out of such a short skirt goes way beyond flirty. If you're looking for a sexy Snow White dress then this is a good choice.

6. Snow White Inspired Costume

Perhaps you're not really looking for a Snow White dress at all but rather some kind of sexy outfit that's been inspired by Snow White dresses? There are a lot of lingerie stores that sell Snow White inspired lingerie-style costumes. Some of these would be appropriate for an adults-only costume party and others are intended only for private use. This is an example of such an outfit where you can clearly see in the shape and color of the outfit that it's inspired by Snow White but it's far sexier than most Snow White dresses you'd see.

7. Snow White Lingerie

Here's anoher example of Snow White Lingerie. This outfit is clearly intended for dress-up play with its barely-there top and too-short skirt. If you're looking for a super-sexy for-the-bedroom sort of Snow White dress-up outfit then you could be interested in something like this. You would purchase it from a lingerie store that specializes in adult lingerie costumes. This one comes from Juili.

8. Subtle Sexy Snow White Dress

It's perfectly fine if you want to reveal a lot of yourself through the kind of sexy Snow White lingerie shown above. However, there's something to be said for leaving a little mystery to your outfit. If you want to do something really sexy without being quite so bold about it then try finding (or making) a dress like the one pictured here. This is a class Snow White dress that's got a slit all the way up the side. Wear a sexy bit of lingerie or garter belt underneath that you can reveal at will. Now that's a sexy Snow White dress!

9. Modern Sexy Snow White

The one problem with a lot of Snow White dresses is that they look cheesy or outdated. However, it's possible to find modern stylish Snow White dresses that have a sexy edge. For example, this one has a modern corset-top with a full skirt that's designed with material that makes it look quite up-to-date as an outfit even though it's a costume. It has a lot of sexiness to it but it's not outrageous or over-the-top. This would be perfect for a lot of women who are looking to find sexy Snow White dresses.

10. Masquerade Snow White Dress

One of the most unique options for a Snow White dress is this one which is designed for a masquerade ball. It's unusual to see a Snow White style of dress turned into something truly rich and elegant. The fabric, the coloring and the cut of this dress are all highly stylish. If you're looking to make an impression at a fancy event and you are also a fan of Snow White then this could definitely be a smart choice.


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  • Jenny L profile image

    Jenny L 

    11 years ago

    I wish I can be one of the snow white model as listed in your hub, great info Kathryn, love this hub very much!

  • profile image

    Costume Fan 

    11 years ago

    There are tons of Snow White costumes here:

    They even have Evil Queen costumes so you can play the bad guy too.

  • profile image

    snow white ideas 

    11 years ago

    I understand how costumes are becoming more sexy year after year. As a retailer, I can honestly say that the classic snow white (the original look) has always been the top snow white costumes.

  • profile image

    Halloween Costumes 

    11 years ago

    I like the Modern Sexy Snow White best! What the heck is the Snow White Inspired Costume? Slightly Sexy Adult Snow White Costume is really cute too. It is crazy all that they come up with!

  • Ebower profile image

    Erin Bower 

    12 years ago from Georgia

    I love the classic Snow White look! Interesting hub!


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