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1001 Ways How To Show Your Feelings: Chest Tattoo

Updated on February 22, 2011

No Pain No Gain

Love For Mom
Love For Mom
The High Seas
The High Seas

Why On The Chest ?

Chest tattoos have been a mark of importance for many individuals and or different cultures.

Asian cultures are known to create elaborate chest piece tattoos. The Japanese have horimono. Long and intricate Buddhist prayers on the chests of those who need spiritual and physical guidance inked by Thai tattoo artists. Other religious tattoos can also sometimes be found on the chest, such as Hindu tattoos, although these are less common.

The Maori tribe creates intricate swirled designs known as moko that adorn the faces of their tribesmen. These designs can also be seen trailing down the necks and shoulders of the Maori and also adorning their chests.

In Western culture, it has to be the historic sailors' tattoos that were inked directly on the chest. Ranging from symbols that signified time at sea and affiliations (such as swallows and nautical stars) to fully detailed sailing ships, sailors were known for their chest tattoos.

The chest is one of the most painful areas to get tattooed due to the lack of fat and other tissue. It is basically skin on bone. This tattoo location shows your dedication to the art today, just as it did in times past or on this case to show your feelings despite the pain.


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