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13 Interesting Facts on Mini Tummy Tuck

Updated on January 26, 2012
Before and After Barbie Mini Tummy Tuck
Before and After Barbie Mini Tummy Tuck | Source

Basic Information You Should Know

Abdominoplasty or what is commonly called as tummy tucks are considered to be among the most in demand cosmetic surgery. It is the fastest way to get your body size, specifically your abdomen, trimmed down. If you are entertaining the idea of getting a tummy tuck done, here are thirteen interesting facts that will give you a broader look about the procedure.

1. A mini tummy tuck is a procedure done to remove the bulge under your navel that refuses to nudge no matter what amount of exercise and dieting you do. It also removes the sagging skin also on the same spot.

2. It is different from a full tummy tuck because it is less invasive. The incisions only running across and above the pubic mound, while that in a full tummy tuck extends from hip bone to hip bone and around the navel.

3. A full tummy tuck is done on patients who are within 30 % of their ideal body weight, while in a mini tummy tuck requires you to be inside 10%.

4. A mini tummy tuck can either be performed under local or general anesthesia, and it only takes about an hour or two to finish. Some clinics even do it on an outpatient basis. It is a good option for those who cannot afford to take too much time away from work.

5. Because it is less extensive, it is cheaper compared to a full tummy tuck. There are clinics that give at half the price of a regular tummy tuck.

6. This procedure mainly focuses on the area below the navel and is best for those who only need some minor nip and tuck.

7. It requires fewer incisions which promote faster healing, less discomfort and a fewer chances of infection.

8. It no longer requires drains which also saves you from other added discomfort and scars.

9. Most women prefer this procedure because it has less scarring. The doctor uses a transverse lower abdominal incision which can be concealed even under a bikini. There will also be no displacement of your belly button, which protects you from having visible scars in this area. If you bring your favourite bikini with you during consultation, this can help the surgeon to estimate the lowest possible point on where to place the incision.

10. Most of those who ask for this procedure are new moms who want to eliminate the stubborn baby weight. This will bring back that pre-baby body at a faster and less invasive manner allowing them to rearing activities. However, If you get pregnant after a tummy tuck surgery, this will stretch the muscles and skin yet again. But you can go back again and have a revision.

11. Most surgeons combine a tummy tuck with liposuction to better trim and sculpt the body.

12. The usual side effects of surgery might still be present such as pain, swelling and bruising. However these can be relieved by pain medications and compression garments. Although there may be similar reactions, you can experience them at a much shorter length.

13. Those patients who have scars on the same area can benefit from a mini tummy tuck.


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