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17 Significant items in a lady's handbag

Updated on April 27, 2018

What is in your bag today?

Many a manufacturer has been eager to ask the question above with a view to ensuring the availability of the most desirable products on supermarket or store counters. Paparazzi on the other hand are just curious to find out the mystery surrounding both the obvious and the ‘not-so-obvious’ contents of a lady’s hand bag. It is worth noting that previous manufacturers produced smaller sizes of bags which contrast with the modern large bag that is capable of carrying an entire wardrobe.

Producers of handbags and their contents will be better off knowing how their bags are used. Curiosity has led manufacturers to sponsor studies on a mission to establish the actual contents of a lady’s handbag, of course with interesting findings. Studies categorize findings into three groups which include; the necessary items, the ‘just-in-case’ items and the absurd items which are all revealed below.

woman with Handbag by adamr
woman with Handbag by adamr | Source

The necessary and the Just-in-case items

A mobile phone, Notebook, pen, sunglasses, card holder, contact lenses, coin purse, wallet, ATM cards, Sony camera, iPod, flash disk, petroleum jelly, perfumed deodorant spray, antiperspirant, hand and body lotion, tampons, extra jewelry in case she needs to change, nail polish, bath antibacterial foam, moisturizing cream, hand sanitizer, wet antibacterial wipes, pocket tissue, a shawl, a clutch bag containing make-up kit, Lip balm, lipstick, roll on, talcum powder, eye shadow, pocket mirror, to mention a few. The most common items include;

Mobile Phones

The utility of a mobile phone in modern times makes it a necessary item in everybody’s daily accessories considering what one can accomplish in the comfort and privacy afforded by the phone.

Unlike previous communication devices, the modern phone will make voice calls wirelessly, send short text messages, make video calls, surf the net, entertain musically like an iPod, play movies, play games, locate positions by GPS, and contain a timepiece not to mention many other important functions.

Smart phones have come with better applications that seem to threaten computers. No wonder, many ladies won’t leave it behind. The best selling phones are currently Android based Smart phones.

Notebook and pen

Many women find it necessary to carry a notebook for taking notes during meetings, contact details while in the street or simply a schedule showing their day’s itinerary. Some will carry a shopping list in the notebook to tick through as they purchase preferred goods. The most preferred brand is currently the Mickey Spiral notebook and pen.


Your eyes are the door to your soul. People need not read your thoughts like a book. Glasses add that mysterious look to your attire apart from camouflaging the wearer from prying eyes. A part from privacy, sunglasses have proved to be a handy shield for your eyes against glare when taking a walk away from the comfort of your office or house.

A good pair of sunglasses goes a long way to enhance one’s general outlook on a sunny day. Many stars and security agents find good use for them. The most popular sunglasses by sale are Prada sunglasses for men or women.

Card holder

More and more people have started carrying more than one card for the many transactions they need to indulge in during the day. There is need to have a stiff card holder that ensures your cards are well cushioned and easily accessible. Card holders provide for order to the user apart from preventing the card from folding unexpected. The best selling card holders are engraved business card holder.


The advent of modern technology is gradually changing the type of currency and mode of conducting trade which is rendering the use of paper money useless as plastic money takes an upper hand.

There are however, many places where modern notes and coins have to switch with goods for transactions to be concluded. This makes it necessary for ladies to carry a purse. The purse will gradually become a cardholder in the near future. The most popular purse is a ladies leather purse.

Petroleum jelly

House hold chores compel us to use detergents that contain reagents that corrode our skins. The harshness of these agents is evidenced by chaffing skin at the back of your hand which often looks ashen when scratched. Petroleum products have been manufactured to ease the chaffing of skin thereby restoring it to its normal luster. A popular and most preferred brand of petroleum jelly is Vaseline.

Girl Applying Mascara by Stuart Miles - courtesy of freedigitalphotos
Girl Applying Mascara by Stuart Miles - courtesy of freedigitalphotos

Makeup kit

Some make up kits will contain Lip balm to protect the chaffing of your lips, Lipstick in common preferable shades, eye shadow to tone your color and face powder to keep the face dry and comfortable by absorbing moisture. There are many make up kits that will not require many additive stand alone items.

Perfumed deodorant spray

Everybody loves a dash of perfume after a cool shower in the morning or evening. It gives a sense of cleanliness, freshness and well-being Some perfumes are designed to trigger certain reactions in those you relate with. A well chosen perfume turns the wearer into an object of curiosity. It draws other people towards you.

Pink Spray Bottle by Ambro
Pink Spray Bottle by Ambro | Source


The human body eliminates water through sweat glands located on the skin and arm pits. Sweat makes office workers uncomfortable especially during office hours. This is attributed to the body odor that results from the sweat. Antiperspirant sprays and roll on antiperspirants are prepared to arrest the action of sweat glands by preventing the sweating when we need a dry skin. There are many varieties of antiperspirants to choose from.

Hand, body lotion and moisturizing creams

Most body lotions are usually enriched with oil, glycerin, vitamin E and possibly a sunscreen and moisturizing cream. These are supposed to give your skin total protection. They nourish and moisturize your skin leaving it soft, smooth and looking naturally beautiful. Some bestselling hand and body lotions include Aveeno body lotions.


Ladies will carry jewelry in case they need a change of clothes. The most common jewelry will include earrings, necklaces and bungles. A single carefully chosen necklace goes a long way towards enhancing the wearer’s outlook.

Nail polish

Hard work often takes its toll on one’s nails with resultant breaking or ruining of nail polish. This necessitates a re-touch that can only be done is the same type of polish, if available. Many ladies ensure to carry their brand of nail polish.

Wet antibacterial wipes and Liquid hand sanitizers

While dry wipes offers less in terms of sanitation wet antibacterial wipes go a long way towards ensuring a cleaner result. They come in handy where we lack flowing water, during picnics, sanitizing hand, faces, including the cleaning of toddlers before and after meals.

There are varieties that contain antibiotics and those that do not contain them. Fine ones will not irritate the user in any way. They should be a comfort to use. Popular brands include Kleenex. Liquid hand sanitizers have also increased in usage among ladies.

Pocket tissue paper

Tissue paper is useful in many areas and aspects of life. These include handling liquid spills, dusting seats, and toiletry. Soft and tough tissue is better than soft and weak tissue. There are many good brands in the market to meet all preferences.

Pocket mirror

While a gentleman’s need for a mirror ends with the morning groom, a lady needs to carry a tiny pocket mirror in her hand bag. It comes in handy during makeup and frequent checks to ensure one’s facial front office looks okay. Few ladies will dare walk out of the house without a pocket mirror.


This is a necessary accessory in both cold and windy seasons. It also provides a clean environment to sit on where no chairs are available. Shawls come in handy in many situations that only ladies can narrate.

Oddities in handbags that border on the absurd

A recent study involving a sample of 150 bags revealed that 20 bags contained cucumber and courgettes (zucchini). Cucumber is a succulent cylindrical green fruit related to a melon, with a thin green rind and white seedy flesh, usually consumed raw in salad as a vegetable.

Zucchini on the other hand are small dark green cucumber-shaped vegetable marrow whose fruits are eaten while still young, after light frying. Ladies’ responses varied between snacks and remedy for puffy eyes with regard to cucumber, which was quite acceptable. However, the presence of zucchini left a lot to be desired. Why would raw zucchini be found in a lady’s handbag?

A few bags contained toothbrushes and toothpastes, panties, pliers, screw drivers, knives and forks. It was a unique a collection of some sort. You will never be ready for what you will find in a lady’s handbag. Except for manufacturers of the popular products, it better left as a no-go zone for third party observers.

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  • profile image

    George Greene Jr 

    6 years ago

    I forgot one other thing.. those plastic baggies for those who own a dog! Of course you would probably need the separate compartment for those! And forget the treats as well.

    And back to the chocolate.. what about the kids ? you need a supply o something for them for those long days away from from home!

  • Anjili profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Thanks George Greene jr for confirming the evidence. You are most welcome. Please do come again

  • George Greene Jr. profile image

    George Greene Jr. 

    6 years ago from California PA

    Oh so true with the extra jewelry! I can't have a pierced ear so I am stuck with clip-ons and we all know how they can find their way off the ear and get lost! So the definite back up pair is essential! And unless the necklace and bracelet are of a universal style that matches everything, the right mates must accompany that second pair of earrings.

    The chocolate bar is a must as well for those times when you need an energy perk! But I must always conceal it in a plastic sandwich bag in case of melting to protect the purse lining and the other objects as well or it's a certain mess!

    Of course i must also have for some purses my trusty pocket flashlight! How many times have you had a bit to many things in your bag and there are different departments that anything small like a lighter or pen slips into and just gets lost! (It sometmes comes in as a good surprise finder

    ("Where did that dollar come from? Oh that's where I put that number!)

    I must have those wall pockets in every purse though(except a clutch). otherwise , I would almost never find my keys(even with the flashlight)! Also great for that touch-up tube of lipstick!

  • Anjili profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Thanks shiningirisheyes for your observation. Sunglasses have multiple uses as you've stated. I find them handy too in crowded places and also funerals where you want to hide your shining wet eyes. What I don't understand is when musicians use them at night. You are most welcome.

  • shiningirisheyes profile image

    Shining Irish Eyes 

    6 years ago from Upstate, New York

    Ha Ha! Great originality in this subject. I like the fact of why you state sunglasses are necessary. I often make sure my sunglasses are mirrored. Not so much for shading the sun, but so people can not see my eyes and guess what I am really looking at or thinking. It gives me a subtle advantage.

    Great jib

  • Anjili profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi Lady_E,

    It is nice to see you here. A bar of chocolate is a cool choice considering the wonders it does. Thanks for taking time to read through the hub and welcome again.

  • Lady_E profile image


    6 years ago from London, UK

    So true and in mine, there is always a bar of chocolate..... just incase. ;-)


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