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1920s/30s historically accurate & inspired nail art

Updated on September 27, 2015

Some History

Nail polish have been in used since ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians would use henna stains in their nails. Henna is available from pale browns to dark browns and deep reds. Deep reds were reserved for royalty. Commoners had to use pale or brown tones.

In China nail polish would be made with beeswax, egg whites and white or red powder, gold or silver.

In India, henna finger stains are still used by dancers and by brides, as well as in special occasions.

Victorians would use wax based nail polishes. It would be colorless, sometimes with a little stain of powders. This kind of nail polish was used up until the 1930s, altough in the 1920s colors would be added.

Modern nail polish was an inwention of the 1930s and was based on car paint. It was invented in 1932 and came to the market in 1938.

The 1920s and 30s

In the 1020s, the use of makeup and colored nail polish became socially acceptable again. Only reds and pinks were available. By the 1930s, all colors were available, altough they would not wear neon colors.

The nails were not fully painted, but were painted in moon shape. Only the middle of the nails would be painted - the space next to the cuticle and often also the tips would be left unpainted (only colorless enamel), or painted in white, in a moon shape (not like the modern French nails) You can do it in basically any color, adapting it to modern times, even combined with patterns and drawings.


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