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2011 Fashion Trends: The Latest Styles From Asia

Updated on March 21, 2013

2011 Asian Fashion Overview

As you all may or may not know, Asian Fashion trend-watching and analyzing is part of my job-description. Many people often ask me, "Where do you go to look at Asian Fashion trends?"

Here are some of my go-to places for specifically ASIAN fashion research:

-Blogs: Bloggers out there have tons of images and information about the asian fashion styles that are trendy and upcoming. These people are Asian fashion fanatics, so you can be sure you are getting the most accurate and up-to-date fashion advice and pictures.

-Asian Magazines: Although these magazines usually cost a fortune, its easy to stop by any Asian grocery store and flip through. They have tons and tons of interesting styles unique to Asia.

-TV Shows: Everyone knows Koreans are famous for their Korean dramas, but what I've noticed is how its popularity affects the styling of the rest of the Asian continent. (Just like Hollywood!)

-Websites: Ladies- There are websites out there dedicated to giving you the latest scoop on trends and styles from Asia. Sometimes the styles do get a bit wacky (Japanese Street Fasions/Harajuku) but it's fun to explore none-the-less.

Lastly here, I give you an in-depth look into the absolute latest Asian Fashion trends of 2011. I narrowed the choices down to pieces and styles I felt were compatible with the current market here in that you could wear them and feel completely comfortable but of course, unique!

Here we go:

1. Draping Glitter

Now I know when we hear the term glitter we think, over-the-top, messy and frankly cheap. However, with the draping techniques they use, along with very delicate and silky material, the look is absolutely stunning. In addition, the ruching creates a flattering look to most silhouettes.


2. Sporty Femme

The idea of combining a sporty, athletic look with a girly, charming look hasn't been developed here in the "West." The extend of this has been Juicy Couture tracksuits. (Which ARE super comfy) However, the designers who have created on-the-go outfits, but with perfectly matched girly vibes but must praised.

Image: Kfashionhouse

3. Revival of the Jumpsuit

In my (bland) mind, jumpsuits are a NO-NO with the exception of cute toddler onesies. However, the latest in Asian fashion are jumpsuits completely re-done in rockstar fashion making any disbeliever say "Yes!" It is one of the chicest looks I have seen this season and am working to incorporate it into my own wardrobe.

Image: Kfashionhouse

4. Office Chic

We all know what business attire is, but what is "Office Chic?" Office Chic is how I describe the office-inspired outfits worn outside, (WAY outside) of the workplace. In Asia, office-inspired looks are being worn as a fashion statement out to dinner, shopping and even the clubs! Must tell the boss all about Office Chic!

Image: Kfashionhouse

5. Lacy Nightgowns

Lacy Nightgowns?! That's right folks. This is exact opposite of the trend that occurred in the US. (Incorporating hot and sexy lingerie pieces into our wardrobe). The old lacy nightgowns from Little House on the Prairie have finally made it back onto this rotating cycle we know as style!

Image: Kfashionhouse

6. Boring Beige?

Good ole' beige. Beige is a great wallflower neutral color right? Wrong! At least in Asia. Beige is being completely undone and redone. In the blouse above we see being doused in polka dots complete with full scale butterfly sleeves and even a shimmery coat on top! Quite simple but revolutionary: Beige is Bold!

Image: Kfashionhouse

7. Jungle Fever

Toss aside those dainty and frail necklaces in your jewelry box. Big is apparently better! Huge wild-animal themed jewelry is in right now. It's perfect for contrasting with feminine more tailored outfits.

Image: Kfashionhouse

*(All items shown can be purchased at the Kfashionhouse boutique. Happy Shopping!)*


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