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Hottest Summer Trends for Women 2010

Updated on February 13, 2012

Summer is here, the best season to dress up and be trendy! Here are some sizzling fashion trends blazing the fashion scenes this season. Be sure to catch these hot pieces  before hitting the beach or hitting the town!

Floral Tops

Every summer and spring season, flowers bloom all the more beautiful. Not just on the garden but on your closet! Girly, frilly and free flowing floral tops is the epitome of what the look of summer should be, fresh, fun and pretty!


This season ushers in loads of  jumpsuits. Whether you want short or long length, there’s an array in every kind of fabric. This look can also go for a day and evening look.  For an evening jumpsuit, you can  choose more luxurious fabrics like silk. For  a hot summer’s day , a short khaki colored one with gladiator sandals is just the right look.

Short Shorts

What is summer without showing some long lovely legs.  After all, summer is the  perfect season to show the strongest weapon of all women-  their legs. You can match shorts with a frilly top or even a short baby doll sun dress. Remember  that summer may only be the season that shorts can also be worn in almost anything, from  shopping to a night out.

Oversized T Shirts

Think effortless comfort. Think going for the just-got-out-of-bed- look buy just so stylish. Think oversized tees. It’s an effortless piece that can be dressed up with shorts and heels for a night partying, or put together with boyfriend jeans for an effortless thrown together look.

Inside Out

Now you can also wear your inner ware outside!  Sexy bustier and bra tops are not to be worn underneath our clothes any more. They are what you wear as clothes. What's the point of having all that beautiful lingerie without the world to see it?

Fringe Bag

Choosing the right bag is just as important as any piece of clothing. A fringe bag is a   dramatic element you would want to add on your hot summer outfit . It’s a fashion statement in itself and in black or brown, it’ll go with any outfit.

Chunky Necklace

Necklaces always compliment any outfit. It’s about drawing your eye to chunky, colourful necklaces that will make what you’re wearing stand out.

Bow and flower headband

The sweetness of a school girl look is back with headbands with big and bold bows or flowers. Your never too old for a little cuteness to infuse on your outfit.

Sun Hat

Hats and summer always go hand in hand, almost like twins even. To protect your face from a mean, hot day, bringing a hat can do wonders. Plus it looks very elegant and stylish to be going out and about with a big hat. You'll be drawing all those curious on lookers to catch a glimpse on your beautiful face.


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