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3 Low Cost Cologne Alternatives To Axe Body Spray

Updated on December 13, 2012

How to smell like a man on a high school boy's budget!

What is Axe Body Spray? Axe is a blend of synthetic fragrances, a hodgepodge of funky chemicals jammed into a spray can and marketed to high school boys and college freshmen types.

Oh how I hate the smell of Axe spray. Why you ask? First and foremost this stuff plain stinks. This mess reminds me of a funky college freshman dorm filled with funky college freshman boys who use this shit as a substitute for a good shower and washed cloths.

How do I know what a rank ass freshman dorm and boy smells like?

I was once that stinky little punk running the yard, getting up 10 minutes before class trying my best to spray the funk away with scented nonsense from a can

I actually thought the girls liked this mess until I was touched by the hand of a cologne master who turned me onto the fact that real women prefer real colognes to junk in a can that every boy in the world is wearing.

Axe is marketed to guys with limited knowledge of men's colognes and a limited budget. These cats don't understand a best selling cologne that will allow you to stand out above the Axe crowd can be purchased at a great discount online.

Check out my three low cost alternatives to Axe Body Spray:

Nautica Blue For Men
Nautica Blue For Men

Nautica Blue by Nautica- Released in 2005, “Blue” is a perfect low cost cologne you won’t smell all over the school or in the dorm.

This fresh aquatic scent features real notes such as cedar pineapple, peach, sandalwood and a hint of musk which is thought to aid in the attraction of females.

This cologne is a nice everyday cologne that won’t choke out the room and cause an evacuation.

As of this writing, a bottle of this great alternative to Axe can be had from Amazon low of $8.74 to as high as $14.75.

Hugo Boss Cologne by Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss Cologne by Hugo Boss

Hugo by Hugo Boss released in 1995 shortly after a lot of you were born is a strong contender for a low cost high quality alternative to body sprays.

Boss features notes such as green apple, grapefruit, patchouli, oak moss and vetiver.

HB has been in my collection for years and will continue to have a spot reserved for it as my low cost everyday cologne.

This awesome cologne is great for class and first dates. A mini bottle (which goes a long way) is an excellent budget band aid that can be had for less than $10.00.

Liz Claiborne Curve for Men
Liz Claiborne Curve for Men

Curve by Liz Claiborne in the gold bottle rounds out my list of low cost alternative colognes for boys who are mature at heart.

This aromatic scent is a little heavier than the previous colognes mentioned and is last for a reason.

All work and no play makes for a cranky young man. There are times when you just have to go out, let off some steam and have a good time.

Times like this a stronger party cologne is in order. Curve is heavy enough to be noticed by the ladies and different from what the rest of the guys are wearing.

Citrus and spicy notes such as amber, bergamot, cactus, lemon, neroli and pepper help to propel this cologne miles above anything you’ll find in a spray can.

Check out these colognes or do a little exploring of your own. A unique, low cost real cologne is out there waiting for you.


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