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3 Bedtime Essentials For Your Face - Are They In Your Beauty Care Routine?

Updated on February 20, 2016
Good Skincare
Good Skincare

Proper Bedtime Skincare Routine

Are you performing the correct bedtime beauty routine for your skin before going to bed? Proper skin care at night assures healthy, glowing skin during the day, and long term skin health.

Have you ever been too tired to wash your face before bed? I'm sure most of us will admit to doing this at least once. The problem with leaving makeup on all night, or not removing daily grime for our skin, is our pores will become clogged and our skin is unable to release toxins. Oil will build up as well, and the next day your skin will not look as radiant, and may very well look dull and oily.

To ensure you'll have a healthy glowing complexion everyday, simply follow these three easy steps. A little bit of attention before bed goes a long way toward assuring beautiful skin for the following day.

Facial Care
Facial Care

Best Bedtime Beauty Routine

For Proper Facial Care and Beautiful Skin

To assure clean, nourished skin, it's important to give your face proper attention before retiring. Too many women skip this step, and call splashing water their face, and brushing their hair and teeth their night time regimen.

Leaving make-up on overnight has consequences which are not good for the skin. Pores become clogged, and skin tone turns dull and flat. By simply including a nighttime routine which is easy, quick and relaxing, the appearance of your skin can improve greatly.


Cleansing your face before going to sleep is essential. You do not want to make the mistake of paying more attention to applying your makeup than taking it off! With the vast array of facial soaps, gels, milks, and cleansers available, selecting a cleanser is just a matter of personal choice for your skin type. Choosing a mild, gentle face wash is a suitable choice for all skin types. A face wash like essensu skincare's Organic Sunflower Gentle Creamy Face Wash, will remove makeup and dirt from the day, and is the first step in a proper bedtime beauty routine.

Whatever you do choose, apply it with a clean wash cloth dampened in warm water, followed by an alcohol-free toner. A toner will remove any excess residue from the skin without stripping the skin's natural moisture. Don't confuse a toner or refresher with alcohol-containing astringents, which are used mostly for problem skin that has a tendency toward developing blemishes.

It's best to remove eye makeup with a gentle product made specifically for that purpose. If the skin beneath the eyes is puffy, apply a cotton ball saturated with cold chamomile tea or Witch Hazel to the area. Chamomile and Witch Hazel are natural soothers which help reduce swelling. They can be a wonderful addition to your skin care routine.


Apply a night cream. Night creams are not the same as day creams. Facial night creams contain higher concentrations of humectants; ingredients that attract moisture from the air and hold it against the skin. In comparison, daytime moisturizing creams are formulated to be used with makeup and not interfere with it, whereas night creams, are intended to be used on skin free of makeup.

Night creams are specifically formulated to be richer than day creams, and work to your best advantage for the entire night. For optimum benefit, apply your night time moisturizer to slightly dampened, clean skin. Or, mist face with an atomizer, since slightly damp skin absorbs moisturizers better than dry skin can. Be sure to apply your evening moisturizer every night after cleansing. This practice can also help ward off premature skin aging, as often this is due to dehydrated skin. Keep in mind as well, we tend to become slightly dehydrated when we sleep, and so does our skin. By applying a moisturizing agent before bed, skin moisture loss will be reduced.


A night of good, restful sleep is important for overall skincare & the appearance of your skin. Aromatherapy is useful to assist in relaxing & falling asleep. Lavender, sandalwood, rose & geranium essential oils relax & calm the brain. These scents may be used and are found in bath products, oil lamps & candles, and room and pillow mists. Other scents to try, include chamomile, sage, orange & lemongrass essential oil.

Also, applying a natural body powder enriched with plant and flower essences at bedtime, can leave a soothing scent on your skin and promote sleep.

Including these three skin care basics as part of your nightly beauty regimen - cleansing, moisturizing, and restful sleep - will without question, nourish and improve your skin and its appearance.

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Cleansing is critically important for proper skin care. It's the step that many women slack on and it definitely works against them.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I do stick on all the process.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      nice lens! thumbs up

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great lens

    • essensu profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from New York

      @totalhealth: Thank you for taking the time to visit my lens and for your comments. I've appreciate of your time. I look forward to connecting with your lens as well.

    • essensu profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from New York

      @CarolSue: Thank yo Carol for stopping by and taking the time to leave me a comment. I appreciate it and look forward to visiting your lens as well.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      good start on your lens. A good skin care routine is essential for beautiful skin and the proper cleansing for your skin type is a must. Hope you will stop by and visit my lens on homemade skin care recipes

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      cleaning the face and having a good restful sleep is very essential for a fresh and glowing skin.

      nice lens.


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