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3 Home Beauty Secrets That Will Make You Gorgeous

Updated on May 14, 2015

Women with beautiful, glowing skin are not always born that way. While many of them rely on beauty products bought off the shelf others use some of the best home remedies that are actually quite accessible to us ordinary folks too. These home remedies promote the use of common stuff available in your kitchen. These home remedies will definitely help you get that beautiful, glowing skin you desire. Remember, of course to eat healthy, get in some measure of exercise and sleep as well as you can.

World renowned supermodels boast of glowing and flawless skin, despite the fact that their lifestyle is not the most ascetic. Some of it may be the luck of the genetic draw, but as it turns out, one of their favorite home remedies is radically simple.

So here is a look at three of the best home remedies to use to get beautiful glowing skin.

Cucumber and ice

You can try this simple trick to combat the bloated effect that sometimes mars your physical appearance after a night out. Fill a basin or washbasin with slices of fresh cucumber, water and ice cubes, and dunk your face in. Remember, to hold your breath when you do that.

Cucumber is an astringent and is great for the skin. Its cooling properties are usually called in to soothe tired eyes, as when you slice them and leave them on your eyes, but you can definitely use it more generally on the face as well.

Cucumber helps keep the skin taut and greatly reduces puffiness. It also has about the same pH level as your skin. And the astringent effect of cucumber juice can help close open pores too.

You can always resort to a cucumber face mask if the trick with the sink and the ice is too much for you. Alternatively, use skin toners with cucumber extract, available in the market.


Exfoliation is key to making sure your skin is always radiant and beautiful. There are thousands of remedies available in the market to enhance your skincare regime with a proper exfoliation routine, but even the most beautiful faces that endorse high-end cosmetics often look to more down-to-earth solutions. Whatever is natural often works best, right?

Scrubs give an almost instant makeover to your skin. They gently remove dead skin, exposing the newer, fresher skin cells that make the skin glow. You can make your own scrub at home, using easily available ingredients. — just combine honey and salt for the ultimate DIY scrub. It is an ancient beauty tip.

The salt helps scrub off the dead skin and makes you look more youthful, while honey is one of the oldest moisturizers known to humans and has antiseptic properties to boot. Try using this scrub regularly and you will see results— including fewer wrinkles, and softer and smoother skin.

Proper diet

It’s all very well to maintain the external routines of skincare, but the best way you can improve your skin is to pay careful attention to what you are actually putting in your body. A traditional Mediterranean diet is actually very comprehensive in terms of nutrients. Of course you know that the main cooking ingredient is olive oil, which is just excellent for both skin and hair. Top your plate with nuts, legumes and oily fish for a healthier looking skin.

Another tip is to consume less of carbohydrate rich foods. This means cutting down on eating all the pasta, pizza and bread. Foods that need to find their way on your plate should include fish, eggs and poultry rather than red meat. And what do the trick for most beautiful skinned women is healthy amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. These are packed with nutrients and antioxidants that can help you maintain beautiful skin and hair.

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