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4 Tips for Glowing Skin During Autumn & Winter

Updated on February 28, 2018
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Ashley is a freelance writer with a passion for DIY projects, natural health, and the best makeup products for oily skin.

4 Tips for Glowing Skin During Fall & Winter
4 Tips for Glowing Skin During Fall & Winter

As we transition into fall and suntans start to fade, there’s no need to lose that summer glow! Cooler weather & indoor heating usage increase during autumn and winter, causing skin to look dull, flat…and just plain blah!

2 Ways to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Boosting cell turnover and staying healthy on the inside are two fantastic ways to achieve a natural glow. There's no need to purchase expensive products to keep skin looking healthy. These two natural techniques boost skin radiance from the outside in:

1) Increase Circulation with Massage:

The muscles in our faces undergo significant activity every day – although in the world of massage therapy, the face is often ignored. Concentration on projects at work, or staring at a computer screen for hours often causes wrinkles between the eyebrows, and general drooping near the corners of the mouth. Through daily facial massage, muscle memory is improved and faster cell turnover is encouraged, giving the skin a glowing, taught appearance. Massage also encourages collagen production, which is essential for supple skin.

After cleansing, gently massage skin in upward circular motions for a couple of minutes, to increase circulation and improve muscle memory. This can also be done while applying any essential oils or serums that you may like to use daily.

Facial Massage for Glowing Skin
Facial Massage for Glowing Skin

2) Select Toxin-Busting, Collagen-Boosting Foods:

Incorporate citrus fruits, raw green foods and Omega 3s into your daily diet. Each of these promote collagen production, and citrus fruits also promote detoxification. Balanced collagen levels promote the plumpness of skin, and collagen is key to having a glowing, healthy, wrinkle-free complexion.

When toxins from sugary beverages, fast food, and ambient pollution build up in the body, the liver has a difficult time flushing it all away. During toxin overload, our systems begin removing these toxins through pores in the skin – manifesting as breakouts and inflammation. Enzymes within citrus fruits dissolve and adhere to toxins, so they are flushed away along with any other waste in the body. Drinking a simple glass of fresh lemon water every morning will do wonders for your overall wellbeing!

Foods to Eat for Glowing Skin: Citrus, Greens & Omega3s
Foods to Eat for Glowing Skin: Citrus, Greens & Omega3s

2 Ways to Get Glowing Skin using Beauty Products

Many products promising a natural glow have hit the market recently, telling us that everyone wants to achieve a natural glow! However many luminizers are thick, waxy formulas that can clog pores, and they often look a bit too shiny. Here are two top picks that provide a gentle shimmer without looking overdone.

1) Shiseido Glow Revival Serum:

This beauty-enhancing product improves the look and quality of skin by targeting capillaries with a blend that includes Tea Tree Extract, Licorice, Hyaluronic Acid, and Hawthorn Extract. After only 1 week, 81% of users noticed that skin’s dullness had improved and skin was looking more vibrant. In 4 weeks, 93% of users noticed a decrease in wrinkles and redness, and an improvement in uneven skin tone. The product also provides an immediate glow that brightens skin when used underneath makeup. Shiseido Glow Revival works well for any skin type and should be applied daily after cleansing, and before foundation.

Glowing Skin Tutorial for Winter: Shiseido Glow Revival
Glowing Skin Tutorial for Winter: Shiseido Glow Revival

2) Mattify Cosmetics Highlighting Powder:

Holiday events can be exhausting, and combined with harsh winter weather, both take a toll on your appearance. This 100% natural highlighting mineral powder is the perfect way to amp up your look, and regain your healthy looking glow.

Where to Apply Highlighter (Map): Sincerely Jessica's Beauty Blog
Where to Apply Highlighter (Map): Sincerely Jessica's Beauty Blog | Source

Dot the product onto key areas of the face after foundation to provide a fresh-from-the-spa look. Using a small brush or finger tips, blend Mattify Powder Highlighter above cheekbones, on inner corners of eyes, along bridge & at center of nose, and on cupid’s bow. For an extra-glowy look, it can also be applied to the center of forehead and chin. Perfect for oily skin, the product stays put for hours and actually absorbs excess oil. If additional oil control is needed, apply Mattify’s ULTRA Powder for Oily Skin after your foundation, but before Highlighter.

How do You Get Your Winter Glow?
How do You Get Your Winter Glow?

Now that you know it isn’t impossible to keep a healthy glow throughout fall and winter, doesn’t it make the cold weather a little more bearable? You can now look forward to snuggly warm sweaters, cute boots and a glowing complexion!

Do you have glowing skin? If so...

How to you keep your healthy glow during winter months?

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