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4 Dresses To Wear If You Swear You Have Large Hips

Updated on January 24, 2014

Fashion Tips

I am only one of the many that has larger hips. The problem with that has always been that the dresses don't seem to fit me right. Most dresses were not made for me.

In order to, understand how to pick out a dress, I must understand the dress is all about self esteem. However, there are dresses that will make me look irritable and bigger no matter what I do, anyway.

The first rule of having bigger hips is to note the size. Am I a larger size or am I a plus size? This is a very important factor in my picking a dress. However, just for this article, I will make a general statement that the hips in question are larger than the normal and larger than that to make my examples of dress to wear.

Keep in mind, I am not trying to change your hip size. I am not a personal trainer. However, even after my recent size lose ... I am still a plus size. I lost the size though my job. There is about 4 miles of walking a day there, where as, I was not walking before that job. This happened over a year period. So, I have found no quick loss hip size cure. I would still need to buy a plus size dress.

image: DChance

Finding the Right Dress

The dress you are looking for is not for you. That is my answer. Also, stop looking in that section or store.

I can wonder around Wal-Mart all day. There will not be dress for me. Why? They don't have my style. They don't have my size.

I end up getting a dress at the mall or at some store. But, it does take forever to find one dress.

Here are some tips

1. Vertical Strips. Yes, I said it. Vertical strips give the illusion of being thinner.

2. Black dress. Don't go for the little black dress. Let this one come right above the knee.

3. Top print - call attention to the breast not the butt.

4. Wrap dress - very fun dress to wear. This will keep the dress looking more put together.

Vertical Stripes - Tip One

With this dress, you will want to wear something very shiny on your neck. Watches might cause attention to the location where they rest. Let someone else where the watch. If you do intend to wear a watch make it a small thin one.

Black Dress - Tip Two

This dress should also be worn with a wrap and a jewelry for you neck.

The black dress is not for everyone. Most of the dress that I have seen are too short for someone with big hips to wear.

Please, do not wear a tight black dress. This one looks lose fitting.

Rachel Pally Women's Emmanuella Dress
Rachel Pally Women's Emmanuella Dress

This dress has something different on it. There is that triangle on the shoulder. The triangle will call attention to higher up on the dress.

The eyes is also pulled to the bottom of the dress. You can wear some flashy heel to match the jewelry.


Top Print or Lace-Like Print - Tip Three

If you look at this dress it is lace not print. However, this dress does get my point across in a new way.

Being white lace it brings the eyes up right away. The eyes go to the chest and not the butt.

Rachel Roy Collection Women's Tribal Lace Long Sleeve Dress, Black, 6
Rachel Roy Collection Women's Tribal Lace Long Sleeve Dress, Black, 6

This dress only goes up to 8 in sizes. But, it is a good example of a dress that will call attention to the breast and not the butt.

Shorter girls might fine this one good to wear. It does make the breast bigger.

I really dislike that this dress does not go any higher than a size 8. That is not far.


Wrap Dress - Tip Four

Look at this dress. Wow. I love how it hold up the breast. I don't want to look all saggy in a new dress.

Also, a watch can be worn with this dress without making the hips look big.

Blue Banana - Blue Squiggle Print Wrap Dress US Size 14
Blue Banana - Blue Squiggle Print Wrap Dress US Size 14

Any color for this dress is great. I love this dress.

The wrap dress comes in three color choices: black/white, red/black, and blue/black. The eyes move all over the place with this dress.

Try to call attention again to the neck-line, too.

This one just looks so much fun to wear.


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    • DChance LM profile image

      Dawn 4 years ago

      @SusanDeppner: Thanks. I have an article on dresses for people with no butts, too.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Sounds like great advice. Love the title of the lens!