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5 Best Swimwear Looks for Spring Break 2013!

Updated on July 8, 2013

It’s that time of year again – Spring Break! Spring Break offers promises of warm weather after a long winter, nights you may or may not remember, and college students in little to no clothing. Of course, we all want to look good when those crazy Spring Break photos are put up on Facebook, so we have compiled a list of the five best swimsuits looks for Spring Break. Here are the hottest two-piece swimsuits out there. Welcome to Spring Break!


The Bendito Dance Hall Bikini, by Agua Bendita (above), screams Spring Break. Between the tribal print, the beading and sequin detail, and the contrasting prints, this suit says, I’ll have another Margarita. The back provides Brazilian coverage with ruching detail, to make sure your bum gets nice and tan on whatever tropical destination you travel to. Bottom line: if you are looking for a party, it doesn’t get much more festive than the Bendito Dance Hall.


Another sexy choice for your Spring Break bikini needs is the Time is Love Bikini, by Beach Bunny (above). Not only will the gold hardware detail look amazing glistening in the sun, but this bikini offers Brazilian coverage and ruching in the back, too (soo flattering!). But the real secret of this bikini? This gorgeous shade of blue looks good on ANY skin tone, so you are guaranteed to look amazing, no matter what your complexion.


Want to work the hottest swimsuit trends of the season, you little fashionista, you? Look no further than the Minnie Citrus, by L*Space (above). The halter top, in a light, citrus green, has gorgeous fringe detail cascading down the front. The bottom has a fun tribal print, with shades of green, pink, and red, that play perfectly into the halter top. Feeling a little more conservative? Have no fear! The printed bottom is fully reversible to a solid black bottom! Who doesn’t love two for one (especially when both are so fabulous?)?


Feeling a little groovy this Spring Break? Take a look at the Groovy Baby Brazilian Bikini, by Luli Fama (above). This string bikini with Brazilian coverage is certainly not for the faint of heart. But the colorful tie-dye print lends a fun aspect to the suit, with tiny rhinestone embellishments giving the suit a girly touch. Perfectly adjustable, and perfect for all the partying you should be doing on a proper Spring Break.


Last but certainly not least, a swimsuit for the flirtiest of you Spring Breakers. The Leopard Claret Bikini, by Vitamin A Silver (above), lets your inner tiger out without saying a word. The triangle top, in a hot-as-fire red, has flirty fringe dangling from the top for a trendy and sexy look. The bottom? Meow! A sexy leopard print that ties at the sides, with silver bead detailing at the end of the strings, gives you the complete “wow” factor in one bikini. What else is fun about this bikini, you might ask? Well, that the bottoms are reversible. That’s right, the other side of the leopard print bottoms gives you solid red bottoms that perfectly match the top. You’re welcome!

Hopefully, this list has inspired your Spring Break look. Make sure to use sunscreen, be safe, and have a good time!!


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