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5 Dickies Mock Wrap Scrub Styles

Updated on October 22, 2012

Dickies makes some of the most fashionably hip nursing uniforms the world has ever seen. And the variety! There was nothing like this available back I was wearing scrubs, and man, how I wish there had been. Take a look at these high quality mock wrap tops; you'll find loads of companies making this style, but Dickies really takes fashion the next level here. Who says you can't look fab while collecting a urine sample? The mix of colors and textures really makes the tops stand out, so if you're looking to be the hottest chica on the floor, score you some of these and you will be.

Dickies Screen Print Mock Wrap

This screen print mock wrap from Dickies is so delicate and dainty looking, is it not? It's beautifully designed and somehow manages to look elegant despite the top itself being not unlike a traditional scrub top.

It comes in several colors, each with a different screen print. It's a mock wrap, of course, and the piping really helps to emphasize it. This would look fab on anyone, I love it.

Dickies Hip Flip Wrap Top

Are you a hippie at heart? If so, this top from the Dickies Hip Flip line might be just what you're looking for. These colors will brighten up any hospital ward, not to mention the spirits of any patient, particularly if they're children or elderly.

Granted, the colors may be a bit bright for some, but this style comes in various prints, so no worries there. This mock wrap is a bit different than the previous one, making it a bit less form fitting, if that is what you prefer.

Dickies Mock Wrap Lace Trim

Every ward has a frou-frou girlie girl who likes to dress as femininely as possible. That was easier said than done in the past, but if you'll take a look at this Dickies mock wrap top with lace trim, you'll see how it easy it's become.

It's pretty gorgeous, innit it? Combine it with one of those skirts and you'll be the epitome of frou-frou-ness.

Dickies Mock Wrap w/ Piping

Mmmkay. This style is so me, y'all. I'm all about wearing black, and this form fitting, waist-defining top is precisely what I'd be wearing if I were still wearing scrubs. It comes in other colors, of course, but this is definitely my fave. Notice it's a bit longer than other styles -- this comes in handy if you're going to be bending over a lot on the job. Unless, of course, you're the type who likes to show off her whale-tail!

Dickies Hip Flip Mini Wrap

Another scrub top from the Dickies Hip Flip line, this Mini Wrap is super fab for anyone who prefers traditional scrubs, but would like to style it up just a tad.

Nothing too obvious, just the wrap style that helps define the waist and add a touch of individuality to your uniform. This style is a bit shorter than some, so you may want to make sure the muffin top is well concealed beforehand.


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