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6 Easy Ways to Look More Slim

Updated on November 2, 2022

If you've ever seen Gok Wan's program "How to Look Good Naked" you need to watch it -- immediately. And not the US version, either; there is no substitute for Gok Wan, sorry. Of course, this article isn't actually about how to look good whilst naked, it's about how to look slimmer while clothed, but one of Gok Wan's most frequent bits of advice comes into play here, and is why I've mentioned him. Seriously, ladies (and men) get your hands on his show and study it!! Right, public service announcement concluded -- on to the tips for looking slim.

1. Wear clothes that fit you.

I see you smirking and rolling your eyes, but that doesn't change the fact that most women who are a bit overweight will wear clothing that is a bit (or more) larger than it should be. If you are a size 10 and wearing size 14 pants, this is going to make your booty look 4 sizes bigger than it is. We do this because we don't like the size our booty really is, and we don't want people staring at it and thinking, "Oh... that booty looks to be a size 10...." But please know that your size 10 booty looks much, much better than the size 14 you've turned it into. This doesn't mean you should wear skin-tight pants; it just means you should wear a pair that really do fit.

2. Wear black.

Black definitely has a slimming effect, and it looks good on everyone. Black shirts and jackets can do wonders, but you might want to think twice about black jeans, as they tend to go gray rather quickly. Navy and other dark colors will have effects similar to black, so if you really love dark chocolate, go ahead and wear it. Just be sure to stay away from white, yellow and other bright pale colors which will draw lots of attention to the bits you'd rather have go unnoticed.

3. Wear heels and long pants.

If you've got biggish thighs or shortish legs, this is a very, very easy fix. Go get you a pair of heels (platforms, whatever) and pair of pants or jeans that will almost touch the ground when the shoes are on. This will lengthen your legs considerably, and create an overall slimming effect on them, which will draw attention away from your thighs.

4. Wear a belt.

Wearing a belt at the hips can give you a bit more curve to the waist when done properly. This is especially true if you're wearing a shirt that covers the belt. Whether you prefer wide or slim belts, there is a belt style for everyone, and you should always wear one with wearing jeans; they're very good at hiding that belly pooch you keep trying to suck in!

5. Mind your cleavage.

If you've got small breasts, your cleavage isn't going to make you look fat. But, if you've got large breasts, certain types of bras (balconettes, for example) can really make even the slimmest of girls look quite pudgy. Mind the bra style you choose, and the shirt style, as well. Wearing a low-cut blouse might actually make you look 20 pounds heavier than a boatneck would. Seriously. Try it, and you'll see what I'm talking about!

6. Avoid prints or stripes.

Solid colors are really where it's at when you want to look slim. Wearing a Hawaiian shirt with palm trees all over it is going to draw people's attention all over your body and will make you look quite a lot wider than a solid colored shirt would. Same goes for stripes; we all know that horizontal stripes should be avoided, but vertical stripes don't really do any favors, either.


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