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5 Essential Earrings Every Girl Should Have

Updated on March 19, 2015

Do you have an earring collection at home? Which pair is your favorite? Or should I say, which pairs are your favorites?

Before you tell me which are your favorite pairs of earrings and the reason(s), do you have the following 5 essential earrings?

Pave Antique Filigree Dangle Diamon Earring
Pave Antique Filigree Dangle Diamon Earring | Source

Classic Antique

Even in this modern era, antiques are still valuable.

This also applies to antique earrings, which have intricate designs that most modern earrings lack. The intricate designs enhance the sense of elegance, adding grace to your overall appearance.

Yet, some people may argue that antique jewelry is old-fashioned since it is made of gold and includes pearls… Really, isn’t that something only your grandmother would wear?

Well, well but do you know that there is a handful of trendy antique jewelry that is made of silver? Moreover, these relics demonstrate that you’re a nostalgic person who cherishes the past.

Horn Earrings
Horn Earrings | Source

Wild Animal

Animal earring is an indispensable pair.

With numerous jewelry designers drawing ideas from animals, this item will never go out of fashion. Instead, there will only be an increase in production. Precisely because such jewelry are common, you have to buy a pair that is outstanding.

Typical ones will be designed in the shape of an animal. Unique ones, on the other hand, will accentuate an animal feature such as the wings, tail or horns. You can also buy one that has a certain rhinestone or jewel you like.

Long Feather and Shell Earrings
Long Feather and Shell Earrings | Source

Decorative Feather

In this modern age, besides jewelry with visual appeal, you also have earrings that appeal to your sense of touch. The feather earring is soft to touch.

On top of that, there is a variety of decorative feathers to choose from!

Feathers will vary by color and the pattern on them. For instance, some feathers have words on them like 'Love' while others may have a picture on them.

Feathers also vary by type, such as flight feather and down feather. The most commonly used feather for jewelry would be the flight feather.

Feathers, usually associated with birds, are symbolic of freedom. Thus, a feather earring highlights your pursuit of freedom.

Nautical Style Earrings
Nautical Style Earrings | Source

Exquisite Seashell

Have you always enjoyed a leisurely stroll along the beach? Do you have the habit of collecting beautiful seashells? Now, you can carry seashells with you wherever you go!

Similar to feathers, seashells also vary by type, color and size. For example, your earring might include dove shells, slipper shells or cockles. It might be a pair with many small seashells or a pair with one large seashell.

Music lovers might appreciate this jewelry because when two seashells collide, it will jingle melodious tunes.

Since the seashell is associated with the beach, seashell earrings add a sense of vibrancy to your overall style. Furthermore, it labels you as a nature-loving and energetic girl.

Monserat De Lucca Brass Fork And Spoon Earrings
Monserat De Lucca Brass Fork And Spoon Earrings | Source

Mismatched Pair

Mismatched pair might have the simplest design since it's modeled after two objects in a set. However, it is one of the most interesting earrings.

As the name suggests, it’s a pair of earrings that are different. The Monserat De Lucca Brass Fork And Spoon Earrings, for instance, is a mismatched pair. Although fork and spoon are different, they always come together in a pair.

Hence, a mismatched pair expresses your individuality.

What About You?

What other essential earrings do you think every girl should have?

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Which is your favorite earring?

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