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5 Fashion Tips For Lean Men

Updated on May 31, 2014

It is an assumption that fashion and lean men are compatible. The truth is quite the contradictory. The fact is it is a battle of sorts for skinny or lean men to find the right clothes that can take the focus away from their leanness and make them look dapper. Lean men need to consider their body shape before buying a piece of garment. Not everything available in the aisles of clothing stores looks nice on them.

So what do skinny guys look best in? What type of clothes should the lean man wear? Here is a guide for all lean men on how they should pick garments that would fit well and flatter their body type –

Vertical Stripes Are A Big NO

Don’t think of wearing shirts, trousers or blazers with thin vertical stripes. Thin vertical stripes create an illusion of height and leanness. So if you are already lean, the thin stripes will do nothing positive to your personality. Instead they will make you look leaner than you actually are by elongating your silhouette.

What you should do

  1. Avoid pinstriped garments
  2. Wear garments with wider stripes
  3. Choose shirts with horizontal stripes

Wear horizontal stripes
Wear horizontal stripes

Go White

Colors have the tendency to trick the eyes. Certain colors make you look thinner, while some make you look fuller. White and shades of white have the ability to make the wearer look fuller. Lean men can dress in white from head to toe, to create an image that tricks the mind. White and shades close to it such as ivory, off white are what you should wear.

What you should do

  1. Wear colors that are as close to white as possible.
  2. Beige, cream, white smoke and other pastel hues should permeate into your wardrobe.
  3. Avoid wearing clothes with dark hues as they will make you look thinner.

Use Shoulder Pads

Padding is an easy way of adding the much needed width to your frame. Shoulder pads are often fitted in coats and blazers to give the wearer a defined structure. Think of using shoulder pads with your normal clothes too to get some extra bulk on your lean frame.

What you should do

  1. Do not go for heavy shoulder pads as they give the shoulders a fake look by making them appear too massive and bulky in proportion to the rest of your body.
  2. Wear light or medium shoulder pads that give your shoulders a natural look.

Use The Layering Technique

Layering is a smart way to use clothes that can make you look fuller. The trick is to make layering a fashion statement, instead of a bid to look fuller. Pair a shirt with a pullover and top it with a smart coat, blazer or jacket. Wrap a cravat loosely around your neck to complete the whole look. This look works like magic on thin guys and is classic enough to be sported by men of any age.

What you should do

  1. Play around with colors while layering. Team a light colored shirt with a darker hued jacket.
  2. The cravat must fall carelessly around the neck.
  3. Wear pullovers with geometrical designs as pattern gives an illusion of width.

Loose Pants

If you are a skinny male, your legs are going to be skinny too. Avoid wearing fitting pants that highlight the thinness of your legs. This will make you appear thinner than you actually are. Wear slightly baggy pants. These days the stores are flooded with different styles of fit – so pick one that is not skin hugging. While pants should be loose they shouldn’t be so loose that they appear to be hanging on you.

What you should do

  1. Have the pants altered such that they taper around the calf region.
  2. The trouser should fit well at the waist, hips and things but be slightly loose around the calves.


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