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5 Great Tattoo Studios In Atlanta

Updated on March 4, 2013

Atlanta Tattoo Parlors

Looking to get some new ink in Atlanta? Getting your first tattoo?

Whichever it is, there is no shortage of great tattoo shops in Atlanta with talented artists to get you inked up. Whether you're getting some simple black and white wording or a complicated color graphic, you can find a talented tattoo artist in the 404 to do your tattoo.

Below are some recommendations of some great tattoo shops you can find in Atlanta.

The tattoo shops were chosen based on reviews on Yelp, Google Places and awards such as Creative Loafing's Best of Atlanta.

I've also included some additional info so I'm sure after you've read this hub you're going to choose one of these shops to get your tattoo done.

1. Memorial Tattoo

Studio: Memorial Tattoo

Artists: Phil Colvin, Malia Reynolds, Gary Yoxen, Laura Rachel, Mikie Webb, Jett Bryant, Ashton Anderson and Dustin Swinks.

Location: Ormewood Park - 809 Moreland Ave. / CabbageTown - 190A Carroll St.

If I had to get a tattoo in Atlanta, based on what I've heard, I think I would stop by Memorial Tattoo.

Phil Colvin, who you can find at the shop, started Memorial Tattoo in 2006 and they have some great reviews on Yelp (5/5 total rating) and on Google. The shop, which has two locations (one in Ormewood Park and one in Cabbagetown) has won Creative Loafing's reader pick for best tattoo studio in Atlanta twice - in 2009 and in 2012.

The artists themselves are very creative, talented, friendly and helpful with their work and most people ask for Malia Reynolds.

Other creative talent at Memorial Tattoo include the aforementioned Phil Colvin, Gary Yoxen, Laura Rachel, Mikie Webb, Jett Bryant, Ashton Anderson and Dustin Swinks.

Studio: Only You

Artists: Matt Greenhalgh, Danielle Distefano, Chuck Donoghue, Charles Chatov

Location: Grant Park - 415 Memorial Drive

2. Only You

Only You is another great tattoo shop you'll find in Atlanta.

Founded by Matt Greenhalgh and Danielle Distefano in 2009, the shop has won Creative Loafing's staff pick for best tattoo studio in 2010.

Customers also agree that the shop is one of the best in Atlanta as it has all great reviews on Yelp. Most customers praise Danielle's amazing work as one of the reasons why they'd go back again or recommend the shop to others.

The shop is located in the Grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta at 415 Memorial Drive and is everything that a tattoo shop needs to be. Clean, sterile, with friendly and helpful artists and a warm and welcoming environment.

If you're going to get ink in Atlanta then Only You Tattoo might just be the place for you to get that design you really want.

3. 13 Roses

Studio: 13 Roses

Artists: Mikey Slater, Kevin Cook, Bryan Reynolds and Johnathan Guzik.

Location: East Atlanta - 524 Flat Shoal Ave.

13 Roses Tattoo Parlor was voted best tattoo studio in 2008 and again in 2010 by readers of Creative Loafing.

The parlor which also does piercings is located in East Atlanta at 524 Flat Shoal Ave and is open seven days a week.

Tattoo artists available include the talents of Mikey Slater, Kevin Cook, Bryan Reynolds and Johnathan Guzik.

Danielle Distefano who is now a highly sought after tattoo artist at Only You used to work at 13 Roses before she co-founded her own parlor in 2009.

Studio: Ink & Dagger Tattoo

Artist: Russ Abbott, Kelly Doty, Javier Rivera, Race Dylan

Location: Decatur - 1036 W College Ave

4. Ink & Dagger Tattoo Parlour

On June 19th 2007, Russ Abbott who had previously worked at 13 Roses opened his own tattoo studio in Decatur. Ink & Dagger Tattoo Parlour was born.

The shop is now hailed as one of the best in Atlanta with rave reviews on Yelp and other places and has some very talented artists. Just check out the site and you'll see some of their work.

Like any reputable studio, Ink & Dagger is a clean and friendly establishment that puts your health first.

Apart from Russ, the other guys in the shop that provide high quality ink art for the skin are Javier Rivera, Kelly Doty and Race Dylan.

You can find Ink & Dagger Tattoo on 1036 W College Ave in the neighborhood of Decatur.

5. Timeless Tattoo

Finally, among the top tattoo shops in Atlanta is Timeless Tattoo - a name that describes what tattoos are really all about, having something that you can be proud of for every year you have to live with it.

From the reviews, they live up to their name and is hailed as one of the best tattoo shops in Atlanta, GA.

Timeless was started in 1995 by Cap Szumski, a renown tattoo artist with over 30 years experience. Like all tattoo shops listed here, Timeless maintains the highest health standards providing a sterile and clean environment.

Customers praise the friendly, helpful and professional attitude of the artists at Timeless which include Cap, Rob Knight, Lew Hands, Brian Snape and Jenny Bunny Bunns.

You can find them at 2271 Cheshire Bridge Rd N.

Ok, so...

I hope you pick one of these tattoo shops for your next tattoo. All the artists seem very talented.

Tell me in the comments below which shop you think you're going to get your tattoo at and why or leave a review - it could be one of these shops or any other not mentioned.


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