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'5 Minutes to Wow' is right: a review of Fango Essenziali face masks

Updated on September 24, 2016

It's a Catch-22: you lack the time and energy to properly care for your skin and then, it demands more attention than you can give it. Clay face and body packs have been used since prehistoric times because they work. But traditionally, they took a lot of time to dry, they could irritate your complexion when they did dry and were a nightmare to rinse off. How difficult to rinse were masks? Try permanently staining your nice face towels! Fortunately, there's the new Fango Essenziali line to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

The folks behind the Borghese brand -- with its nutrient-dense clay -- have created useful, affordable, skin treats. You can find them sold at Macy's and

The masks come in spreadable mud in a jar and also, chic paper mask formats. I tried the mud styles, which come in four styles: one is sure to be suitable for whatever is troubling you. The mask was created to be used on both face and body. All the formulas are meant to stay wet throughout the treatment and to be rinsed off within 5 minutes. You get benefits of a day at the spa within the time span of a couple of tv commercials. Perfect for today's busy lifestyles!

  • Purify contains grapefruit and pink peppercorn (known as an anti-inflammatory, along with aloe, special clay, salicylic acid (great for chemical exfoliation) and allantoin (a protein that's perfect for soothing and healing). It promises to clean, minimize pores and help prevent premature aging. It's packaged in a bright pink tub, with a faint scent of pink peppercorns in its pale taupe mud. There's no grittiness or burning acid to make your skin get rashes.
  • Energize has coffee seed, caffeine, charcoal powder, Vitamin E and other ingredients to combat dull skin lacking a glow. It stimulates collagen and elastin production, for a toned look. It's packaged in a bright orange tub with deep, mossy green mud and a faint floral scent.
  • Calm contains lavender extract, lemon seed extract and safflower seed oil. It's meant to soothe skin and fight against pollutants. Its mud is off-white with a faint lemon seed fragrance. While some "calming" products are either too oily or creamy, this mask still has cleansing properties -- just in a more gentle way. It's packaged in a bright blue tub.
  • Moisturize has olive and blood orange. Blood orange is a gentler citrus, to give skin the benefits that oily skins get from lemon. It's deeply hydrating, which will surprise some, considering it's still a clay mask. It's packaged in a bright green tub with medium olive colored mud.

With so many options, you can differentiate how you treat your face from your body, which may have separate skincare requirements.

5 stars for Fango Essenziali


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