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5 Reasons To Use An After Tan Moisturizer/Tan Extender

Updated on August 6, 2009

I absolutely love, love, love after tan moisturizers! I wasn't always like that though, I used to think that tan extenders and things like that, really didn't make a difference. It was just recently that my view of all those moisturizing products has changed.

My favorite, I have to say is probably a brand called "Hempz". Oh, do I love that stuff. I'm starting to think I'm getting addicted to it. I use it before tanning, after tanning, and everywhere in between.

Even for people who don't go tanning, I suggest you try some of this stuff. I don't think that there is a woman that I know who doesn't use some kind of lotion or moisturizer. This is the ultimate moisturizer. We all know that the key to a great tan is keeping your skin extra moisturized. If your skin is dry and flaky it is impossible to get a nice, deep tan.

So, my point is that these after tan moisturizers are called that for a reason. They are extra moisturizing to help with all of the stress a tanning bed or UV light can put on our skin. If you don't tan they will still help to make your skin soft.

I like these lotions for a few different, but very particular reasons, that I feel are important enough to share with who ever reads this. Here they go~

#1 They smell so freaken good. I'm serious, every single tan extending lotion I have ever used has always smelled awesome. It's like no other.

#2 You can get them with just a touch of sunless tanner or shimmer, if you will. Don't be mistaken though, this is not how it extends your tan. No, no, no this is just an extra added bonus if you choose an after tan moisturizer with this in it but you don't have to.

#3.A lot of after tan moisturizers have natural products in them, such as hemp, aloe and green tea extracts just to name a few. Also, they are made to help fight the aging process and help firm the skin.

#4 To maximize, and make your tan last longer. I also love the soothing feeling it has on your skin after you come out of the tanning bed.

#5 I also hear that these are great for spray tans as well. They help your spray tan go on more evenly and help it last longer!

Like I said, you have to moisturize your skin anyway and let me tell you, I don't think I will ever use a regular creme or lotion ever again.

You can get these after tan moisturizers at most tanning salons but you can most likely find them a lot cheaper on the internet. There are tons and tons of online tanning lotion stores and wholesalers. The safest choice would be a place that is well known and trusted like Ebay or Amazon.

Some of my favorite tan extending moisturizers that I think you should try are, of course, Hempz, Designer Skin Undercover Angel, and OC moisturizer.


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    • profile image

      Lexi 2 years ago

      Hi! I love that you love your tan extenders! I love them too! They are amazing. However, most lotions sold online through amazon or ebay are being sold illegally. Most big brands of tanning lotion/extenders strictly sell their product to salons (Designer Skin, California Tan, etc.). I work at a tanning salon and ours has been broken into multiple times and all of our lotions in stock were taken and probably illegally sold on the internet. The people that do this most likely do not even sell the product that they are advertising. They can dump out the bottle and use it themselves (so it smells the same and kind of works) and refill the bottles with something else. Or even dump out HALF of the bottle and fill the other half with something else. I know one time a girl bought a lotion online and it had NAIR in it!!! It's crazy what people will do to make money. Buying from a salon is the safest way to ensure you're getting the best and correct product. Trust me! I know they can be a bit pricey, but it's worth it to save your skin. Like you were saying, the nutrients in the lotion are what's amazing. If you buy online you may not even be getting those! Think about it! :) Great article though.

    • OldenbuzzDotCom profile image

      OldenbuzzDotCom 7 years ago

      Lots of great ideas here! Good skin condition truly is the foundation for beauty.

      If you've been out in the sun but you don't have one of the moisturizers mentioned in this hub, you can also use extra virgin olive oil on your skin. It's proven to counteract the damage of sun exposure, and it also beautifies the skin.

      Thanks for the recommendations!