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5 Ridiculously Most Expensive Suit Brands

Updated on May 26, 2014

When we talk about some of the most expensive suits, probably the first brand that comes to your mind is Giorgio Armani. If you are a bit more into fashion, you may also be aware of Dolce & Gabbana or Gucci. But are you aware that there are far more expensive suits which can cost beyond $100,000 or even almost a million dollars? Here are 5 most expensive suits brands which sell for thousands of dollars.

1) Gucci

As you guess it right, Gucci is indeed a very expensive brand. Gucci is known for its sense of fashion design. A suit from Gucci easily costs a minimum of $2,000 and above. One of the best suits from Gucci, with Jacquard stitching and grey stripe went for a whopping $2,600.

2) Newman

Designed by Valentino Garavani, the Newman suit costs a minimum $2,500 and more. The Newman suit is a pinstriped suit and allows the wearer to show off a coordinated flair of fashion. Though it cannot be considered ultra-expensive, it still is a highly expensive suit.

3) Yves Saint Laurent

Another suit brand that can be counted among the most expensive suit brands is Yves Saint Laurent. Though it now belongs to Gucci, it still has its own brand value. A blue pinstripe in “year round wool” easily costs $2,195 and above.

4) Alexander Amosu

The suits designed by Alexander Amosu can be counted as some of the ultra-expensive suits. The suits are quite impressive and look as if a mannequin must be wearing it. A suit can easily cost you a $100,000 or even more.

5) Stuart Hughes

A suit designed by this designer is probably the grand dad of all the ultra-expensive suits. It is usually studded with gold and diamonds. The price range may vary anywhere from $800,000 to a million dollars or above.

Now tell me, which of these most expensive suits would you love to buy?


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    • karthikkash profile image

      Karthik Kashyap 3 years ago from India

      Noegel: Rightly said :D

    • profile image

      K. Noegel 3 years ago

      Gucci or Armani are very nice suits. Suits that exceed $10,000 are pretty much for bragging rights.... kind of like the wine tasting competition in California where they gave the judges the same wine over again and their scores varied by almost 4 points out of ten.... doh!

    • profile image

      Old Empresario 5 years ago

      Wow, $800,000 is for someone with a lot of money, but no idea what he's doing. I've never been a fan of the Italian-cut suit. I've always thought bespoke was the classiest way to go if one wanted to spend over a thousand on a suit anyway. I'm more a dreary Brooks Brothers guy for off-the-rack brands.

    • karthikkash profile image

      Karthik Kashyap 5 years ago from India

      Buck Hopper: I am sure Armani is one of the classiest you can get :)

    • profile image

      Buck Hopper 5 years ago

      I would love 7 Gucci or Armani suits. I don't need the most expensive suit in the world. I just want some class.

    • profile image

      A.X. 5 years ago

      I do not think I'd ever spend that much money for a suit...

      However if I had to pick one, I'd propably choose an "Yves Saint Laurent" one.

    • jafruminc profile image

      jafruminc 6 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

      I do not know suits can cost up to 1 million dollars.