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5 Sexy Wedding Dresses That Still Look Elegant

Updated on November 28, 2010

Wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes, but they rarely come in “sexy”. And when they do, they tend to look more than a bit sleazy. What’s the point of wearing white, if you’re just going to look like a trollop at the alter?

Ladies, there is nothing wrong with looking sexy on your wedding day. And if you think you can’t be sexy and elegant.. think again! The following are some of the sexiest wedding dresses you will find.

James Clifford

Style # 1653

James Clifford's collection is classic and resembles something out of a fairytale. This is no exception, despite the plunging neckline. Beautiful pattern, as well. You can find his dresses online at most bridal outlets, and you can see his collections on his website. Don't worry - there are loads of traditional dresses to choose from, too!

Tip: Safe for large breasted women, but make sure the bodice fits - you don't want your girls getting all the attention on your wedding day!

Saison Blanche

Style # 4116

Now, I know this is probably a little risqué for the average woman, but the dress is still stunning. If you’re built like the model in that photo, there is nothing wrong with sporting that baby down the aisle. The rest of us might snicker at you, but it’s just cos we’re jealous of your figure, girlfriend. Ignore us and just be hawt on your wedding day!

Tip: This is a great dress for the artsy types - and for those who love corsets. Pass this along to the Kelly Osbournes you might have in the family!

Stephen Yearick

Style # 13070

Oh my God, this is just beautiful, elegant, gorgeous, sexy and a few other adjectives that would be redundant at this point. I’m not really a big fan of beadwork, but it looks fantastic on this dress. Classy and sexy, what more could you want?

Tip: Probably best on not-so-large-breasted women. If someone with a pair of DD's had this on, it might cross the line into trampy. You can probably guess why!

Divina Sposa

Style: Donatello

Right, you’ll need to be brave for this one, but damn it, it’s gorgeous. Yes, it’s a tad see-through in places, and yes, the priest might need someone to fan him during the vows and all that – but hey, it's your wedding, not his!

Tip: You may want to warn the guests ahead of time.. you don't want gasps of shock overpowering the organ as you cruise the aisle!

Maggie Sottero

Style: Destinations 4005

This is a really good example of simple, elegant and sexy. And it’s not expensive at all. This is the perfect dress for an Oceanside wedding. This isn’t something you’d want to wear at massively done up wedding, but it’s certainly lovely and would be fabulous at something more casual.

Tip: It should go without saying, but this isn't a Winter Wedding dress.. and make sure your shoes work - they will be visible!


So there you go – 5 sexy wedding dresses that still look stunning.

Happy wedding!

x Isabella


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