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4 DIY Nail Art Designs: Simple and Easy Red Nail Ideas for Beginners

Updated on May 13, 2012

Red is one of those colors that just screams passion and confidence, and every DIY nail art designs lover must try a nail design in red at least once. I've done a few designs using red over the last few weeks and thought I would share some of the simplest ones. All these designs are very simple and easy to do, even for beginners, and shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes to complete. The tools I used are minimal, and a set of dotting tools and striper brushes along with a few shades of nail polish should do the trick.

The design above was the very first one I did for someone else. Before then, I'd always practice on myself, so you can imagine how shaky my hands were! It turned out alright, though, and my friend was very pleased with the result. I used a bright red polish for the base and then added the hearts using striper brushes. A loaded striper brush can be used to create hearts or even petals, because when you press down on it slightly, it creates a tear-shaped blob. I used two dotting tools for the dots.

The nail art design above is also very simple and easy to do. I started off with a dark red base and then applied two black stripes using as black striper and then filled in the gap with a silver glitter striper. Once that was done, I glued on some silver holographic heart spangles and I had a beautiful set of nails just in time for Valentines.


The nail art design is one of the ones I've published a step-by-step tutorial for on my blog recently, so if you want to see exactly how it's done you can click on the credit url and it'll take you directly there. The design may seem elaborate but it's really easy to do once you break it down into steps. All I used for this was a set of dotting tools and a striper brush.

Last but not least is this French tip with polka dots. The only tool I used for this was a dotting tool, and I painted the red tip by hand. If you're a little shaky, you could use nail guides to get a perfect result without the effort. Alternatively, you could do the dots so that they overlap the edge of the French tip slightly and this would hide any imperfections.

The beauty of all these DIY nail art designs is that you only need a set of dotting tools and nail art brushes (stripers) to do all of them. There are no complicated techniques to try and master, and most of all the end results look amazing. No one would be able to guess these are so simple and easy to do.

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