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4 Simple and Easy Nail Polish Designs: Polka Dot Nail Art Ideas for Beginners

Updated on May 13, 2012

Lime Green French Tip with Blue Teal and White Polka Dots

This is one of the easy nail polish designs I created using multicolored polka dots. The tip was painted using lime green nail polish, and I then added the blue, teal and white dots using a set of dotting tools. For this design, the dots can be done in various sizes, and they also overlap the edge of the French tip slightly. This is one of my favorite DIY nail art designs, because it's so simple.

Red French Tip with Black Polka Dots

This design is similar to the one above, but the dots in this one are only one size and are done on top of the French tip. I've also published a hub with step-by-step instructions for this design. This is one of the easy nail polish designs that have a slightly more formal feel, possibly because the dots are 'contained' inside the French tip.

Paws and Polka Dots Nail Art Design

This nail design is somewhat different to the other polka dot designs I've done. I used dotting tools of varying sizes to create dots within dots, and even created a few 'paw prints' as well. The design is intricate and visually interesting because of the layering and the dots-within-dots technique. I used OPI Lincoln Park after Dark as a base for this design, and the dark color really works.

Blue Nails with MultiColored Polka Dots

This nail polish design is one of the ones I listed in my blue nail ideas for beginners hub. It's really easy to do. I started off with a coat of blue nail polish and then added various dots in different shades of blue and teal. The polishes I used were somewhat sheer, which just added to the effect. I also used a teal glitter polish, and this looked almost like rhinestones when the light hit it. This design can be done in a few minutes, and is really fun and modern looking.

Nail polish designs with polka dots are some of the easiest ones to do. The dotting tools do the work for you, and it's great fun to experiment with different colors and different types of nail polish. All you need for these DIY nail art designs are a few shades of nail polish, a set of dotting tools, and perhaps a set of French tip guides. Add a little imagination and the sky's the limit.


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