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5 DIY Nail Art Designs: Simple and Easy Orange Nail Ideas for Beginners

Updated on May 13, 2012

These are a few DIY nail art designs that are simple and easy enough for even beginners to do. All it takes is one or two tools, a few colors of nail polish and a little spare time. Orange is one of those colors that you either adore or hate with a passion, and I fear I might be in the latter group. There are, however, occasions when orange nail art designs are just the thing, like Halloween, for example. I've done a few orange nail designs over the last few weeks and have found two more online that I just had to share.

The design to the left was inspired by a screwdriver. I applied a nude nail polish to the entire nail and then painted in the orange tip. I added glitter while the polish was still wet and then glued on an orange fimo slice. If you have trouble painting French tips by hand, use nail guides to get perfect edges without the effort.

This is a simple nail idea that I got from a Youtube video. The original design used gemstones for the body of the spider and steel beads for the legs, but I made due with a black striper. The only tools I used here was a black striper and a set of dotting tools, and, of course glittery orange nail polish. This easy nail art design is perfect for Halloween. This shade of orange is growing on me, and I think I might do a full manicure using this design.

This easy nail design in orange is a really simple one to do. Even beginners will be able to do a set of these in minutes. I started with a plain orange nail polish and then added a sideswipe using orange glitter polish. I used a gold nail art pen to make the 'zipper' detail along the edges of the sideswipe.


This nail art design is not mine, but I think the creator is a genius! This is similar to the nail design of hers I mentioned in my hub about simple nail ideas in blue. The bubbles or beads used in this tutorial just add to the pure creepiness of this design. This just screams halloween, doesn't it? It looks like all you would need to do is paint the nails in either orange or black and then glue on the embellishments. Another super easy nail idea for beginners.


This is another of the DIY nail art designs I found online and thought was just absolutely stunning. The nails were painted with a coat of silver polish, and it seems like the roller skate rainbows were added using stripers or nail art pens. The combination of orange, yellow and silver is really striking.

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Simple and easy DIY nail art designs can be just as striking and eye catching as their more elaborate counterparts. With a few tools, a little patience, and the desire to learn, even beginners can master these easy designs and have gorgeous nails for a fraction of the salon price.


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