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5 Tips To Make Your Breasts Look Bigger: Easy To Use Tips For Enhancing Your Bust

Updated on January 27, 2013

Every woman wants to look their best, and that means making the most of all their assets, including the bust. All these ‘quick fixes’ are simple to do (in fact you can start today), but can help to maximize what you've got, without going down the route of surgery or other more invasive breast enhancement methods.

  1. Always Wear The Correct Bra Size: The support structure of the breasts is fragile, and easily damaged and stretched. Therefore if you wear the wrong size bra you can cause a lasting change in the shape of the breast. Get your bra size measured at least once a year - your breasts do change size due to factors such as weight loss, weight gain, and pregnancy - and always wear one with good support. Refrain from exercise without wearing a sports bra – these offer much stronger support than a normal bra if you’re engaging in physical activity.
  2. Use Makeup For Fake Cleavage: Did you know that you can make your breasts look bigger just by using makeup in a certain way? You can use a light dusting of bronzer in the area between your breasts, down the middle of your chest to accentuate the "V" in-between the bust. Blend the bronzer upward and outwards and you'll have an instant cleavage.
  3. Moisturize: Most women moisturize their face daily, but you should also moisturize your neck and bust area. The skin is these areas is thinner and particularly sensitive, so if you want to keep your décolletage looking young and beautiful start moisturizing. If you are often exposed to the elements (wearing low cut tops etc) try using a product with SPF to protect against the sun and to help keep your skin firm.
  4. Select Clothes That Will Flatter Your Figure: If you have a small bust you can create a fuller look with flounces, ruffles or draping necklines. Avoid skin tight or clingy fabrics. Tops that highlight and slim the waist will make your breasts look bigger in contrast.
  5. Stand Straight To Improve Your Bustline: Proper posture will improve your whole figure, but it will particular enhance the bust line. Poor posture will make smaller breasts almost disappear. Always stand straight, keep your head high, and your shoulders leveled.


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