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5 Top Color Picks for Fall

Updated on October 14, 2011

Added color

Trends are fun but they can be costly and a pain in the 'A' but they are lots of fun. It is never too late or too early to start supplementing one's wardrobe. Adding color even in little splashes helps to update and keep you feeling as if you are not out of the loop. I never suggest spending too much money on anything unless it is a chic, classic, a garment that will serve you well for years, not just months.

That usually ends up being too, too much money. I still believe you can be hip without breaking the budget bank and it can be fun and exciting to find ways to make it possible to have some nice things in your trendy color box as well.

Scarves are fun, inexpensive and a great way to add color to your wardrobe, enhancing without breaking the budget.

Small items normally help with keeping us current and stylish while we enjoy feeling like we are still trendy enough to impress our friends and enjoy updating our wardrobe.

I believe strongly in classic chic styles to make up the majority of any closet. They are typically the garments that fit us best and can go through any season with a bit of accent to keep us looking stunning. These garments are normally our go to items.

Color trends for the 2011 season for Autumn/Fall that will lead us into the winter and into the new year of 2012 are basically the same but making the right choice for your coloring is vitally important, so please hold whatever items you choose close to your skin when you are shopping.

Shopping can be a way to work through confusing situations. They help to settle our nerves when we have a budget in mind and want something new and trendy. I suggest you stick to small items when introducing new colors.

2011 Colors

Reds, blacks, greys and champagnes don't count they are go to colors that perk up any garment at anytime in a season. So these are standards that you should at least have one, two, four or five items in because these are foundational colors. If you have been savvy with your shopping you probably have been picking up small items in these colors all year at great prices, for example t -shirts or tank tops in varying colors.

Champagnes can be light or dark and typically puts one in mind of camels, caramels, bieges and off white colors that work well with most people's coloring. They are close to a nude coloring that reminds you of lady's sheer hosiery. Typically you will notice them in winter suits, heavy woolen coats and fur garments and trimming.

The colors that have been spot lighted for the season and beyond are the following.

  1. Golds - yellows, lemon, marigolds
  2. Blues - electric, high gloss, a super saturated blue brighter than a navy blue
  3. Greens - fern like earthy tones, bottle green or army green
  4. Pinks - fushias, deeper, brighter pink
  5. Purples - plum. eggplant, grape

Some other colors that will round out your 2011 seasonal trendy palette will be colors that are blends of reds and oranges, like rusts, oranges heavy on the red.

Small touches

  1. scarves, shrugs, t-shirts and tank tops
  2. fabric belts
  3. flower pins, and chunky jewelry with color
  4. leggings
  5. opaque tights in various colors, and socks

Other accent colors can be added through, shoes, purses, and interchangeable jewelry bands like those on wrist watches.

For guys this can be done through trendy ties, t-shirts, scarves, socks and hats. Never forget that a man can be classy with a trendy accent to give it an updated appeal.

Remember mixing classic with trendy is always a great way to update your wardrobe and your look without breaking your budget or looking 'old'.

Side note moms, try your best not to look like your teenager. It is okay to borrow but never if you can avoid it, don't ever wear the same out fit. You look classy and chic. Let your daughter look trendy!

Links that give you a heads up about color trends.


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