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Five Hair Removal Techniques that May Improve Intimacy

Updated on July 19, 2011

5 Popular Hair Removal Techniques

Removing pubic hair has increased in popularity in the last few years. Pubic hair may be removed to be more comfortable and self-assured while wearing bikinis, shorts, or tight fitting garments. Without pubic hair blocking physical touch, greater sensitivity may be realized. Some have suggested without pubic hair surrounding the male sexual organ makes it appear to look larger. Others suggest feelings in the area without hair are more intense and produce increased enjoyment.

Charges for hair removal can range anywhere between $50 to $2,000, depending on the salon's location and specific clientelle. Many people feel that beauty does not come without a price or pain. Both, women and men are scheduling appointments to have pubic hair removed, and many salons, catering to this trend, have sprung up across the United States.

Basically, there are five different techniques used to remove genital area hair. However, be prepared and know that most hair removal techniques are painful and may cause skin irritation.

1. Shaving: The most popular way to remove pubic hair is by shaving. This procedure is easy, but, in-grown hairs, infections, itching and painful bumps can appear on the sensitive skin. Before grabbing a razor to shave the genital area, the hair must first be trimmed. The hair should not be any longer in length than one-quarter of an inch when using a razor, and be sure to use a sharp, clean razor!

There are also ways to style pubic hair. Some create designs or symbols, such as, lightening bolts. The area in which the design is created is not, of course, shaved.

2. Creams: Liquid or cream chemical depilatories can be applied over unwanted genital hair. The solution remains over the hair and skin as directed by the product manufacturer. The chemical cream or liquid dissolves the keratin in the hair so it can be easily removed by wiping with a soft cloth. However, never leave the product on your skin longer than the recommended time, because chemical solutions can irritate or burn sensitive genital area skin. To know how your skin will react to a chemical cream or liquid, apply to on a small area first, and wait 48 hours before applying the solution to sensitive skin as reactions sometimes may occur. Creams or liquids do not have long-lasting effects received from waxing. However, creams and liquids are cheaper, and can be purchased for about $15.00. Be sure to use products that are designed and recommended for hair removal in sensitive areas, and NEVER apply it to genitals.

3. Bikini Waxing: There are three common waxing techniques within a Bikini wax technique: (1) American waxing, (2) French waxing, and (3) Playboy waxing. These procedures usually cost between $50 and $100.

The American waxing removes the hair at the top of the inner thighs and below the naval. The waxing area is limited to the outer perimeter around the bikini swimsuit.

French waxing removes all hair except for a strip directly above the vulva, known as a landing strip (normally two or three fingers in width).

A Playboy waxing, sometimes referred to as G-waxing, removes hair from the labia and peri-anal areas.

Some salons and spas offer pubic hair stenciling kits to create designs. Hearts and lightning bolt creations are pricey, and difficult to do by yourself. Kits are also available to color genital hair, such as pink, auburn, black or blonde.

4. Brazilian Wax: This procedure removes all pubic hair (front, back and in between). The procedure is very painful, but some people suggest the pain is lessened through continued waxing. On average, this procedure costs about $100 per visit, and is popular with both, men and women.

5. Laser Hair Removal: Normally, the laser procedure is not painful, and most people experience just a slight irritation afterwards. Any amount of pubic hair can be permanently removed. A laser procedure may cost between $200 to $600 per session, and four sessions are, normally, required to completely remove the hair. Laser hair removal is a bit pricey, but once the hair has been removed, it will never return, and completely eliminates the need to shave, cream or wax ever again.


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