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5 Top Tips for Caring for Dry Hair

Updated on March 22, 2014
Did you know those straightening irons could be making your dry hair worse?
Did you know those straightening irons could be making your dry hair worse?

Caring for dry hair is at the top of the list for many women. It can be a real pain in the butt, and is often worse than trying to handle oily hair. Once you have dry hair, there is more chance that you will end up with damaged hair. And there is just so much that affects it. The environment around you can cause the natural oils to dry out quickly, and coloring your hair will prevent the oils from doing all the benefit.

While there are plenty of shampoos, conditioners and other hair products on the market for dry hair, it is often overwhelming to choose the right one. Even then, the products aren’t necessarily going to help. You need to know your everyday habits that are affecting your dry hair, and how you can change them to make your hair look luxurious and full.

Caring for dry hair will help it shine throughout the year. You can do much more with it, trial different styles and enjoy the feel of it throughout the day. Here are the top tips for caring for your dry hair.

Shampoo Once or Twice a Week

It’s a common misconception that dry hair needs more water. It doesn’t. It needs more oil. So, you need to focus on getting more oils into it, and washing it is not going to do you any favors. The shampoos strips the hair of all the natural and unnatural oils, and then the conditioner is there to add some moisture back in. But do you really need to do all that?

Try to wash your hair just once a week. Depending on your needs, twice a week is the maximum you should do this. The only time you want to even consider more is if you are swimming or get other chemicals in your hair.

When you cut back on the washing, you will give the natural oils the time to seep through all your hair. This will also encourage the scalp to produce more oils since you are not stripping it of them quickly.

It will take time to see the benefits of limiting your shampooing. This is why you need to follow the next tips to make the most of caring for dry hair.

Too many treatments leads to the hair drying out.
Too many treatments leads to the hair drying out. | Source

Condition Your Hair Regularly

While you’re not shampooing as much, you still want to condition your hair. Every now and then, you will find that your hair just needs a rinse. You can run warm water through it, but not use any shampoo. After this, make sure you apply the conditioner. This will help to add some moisture back into your hair, and protect it from damage.

It’s best to condition your hair every couple of days, and try to use a leave-in conditioner. At the start this will help to encourage more oils and keep your hair looking beautiful despite not washing it as much.

Look out for conditioners that are designed for dry hair. They help to lock the moisture in much better than other ones. They will also further help the production of natural oils.

Deep Conditioning and Adding Hair Oils

Another trick to caring for your dry hair is to use a deep conditioner at least once a month. This should be left on overnight where possible to make sure it really gets into the roots of your hair. The deep conditioner will then need to be washed out the next day, so make sure you do it the night before your normal hair wash.

Massaging oils into the scalp is another great way to care for dry hair. The oils will help to encourage the scalp to produce more, and make sure the whole hair is looked after quickly. You can do this once a week to really see the most benefits. Another way the oils help is through the actual massage. A massage helps to increase blood flow to the hair, and this can help boost the amount of oils that the scalp is producing.

There are a lot of deep conditioners and oils on offer. Agadir Hair Oil comes highly recommended.

Deep Conditioning Treatment for Dry Hair

Stop Using the Heated Appliances!

Make an effort right now to stop using those heated appliances. This includes your straightening irons, your curlers and even your hair dryer. You need to keep the heat away from the hair as much as possible. Think about what heat actually does to anything: it dries it out! What do you think it is going to do to your hair?

It’s not just the appliances either. You need to think about the heat of the water you use. Many women love hot showers, and this is completely understandable, especially in the cold months. However, the heat is drying your whole body out, including your hair. Opt for lukewarm water, especially when caring for dry hair.

I know how hard it is to avoid using the heated appliances. I’m forever using my hair dryer, especially when I’m in a rush. The good news is that there are products available to help protect your hair. Invest in the heat protection sprays like TRESemme's heat protection spray.

However, it’s important not to just rely on these products. They will not add oils back into your hair; just protect your hair from drying out further. You will still need to condition and use oils on your hair.

Never think that using the appliances on wet hair will work. Putting those curling tongs on your wet hair is going to really damage it. The heat will singe it and there are chances that you will cause health problems due to the electricity!

Enjoy your natural hair color
Enjoy your natural hair color | Source

Enjoy Your Natural Hair Color

It’s common for women to dye their hair time and time again. Some are just not happy with their natural color, or want to have something different from time to time. The problem is that hair dye is full of all sorts of chemicals. Even the semi-permanent options have chemicals in them. If you really want to color your hair, look for those that are made from natural ingredients only.

Really, it is best to avoid dying your hair as much as possible. Enjoy your natural hair color and nurture it to avoid drying it out further. Some of the “organic” options still include some chemicals that you want to avoid.

You could make your own hair dye. This would use completely natural ingredients, and there are plenty of ideas on the internet to inspire you.

DIY Hair Mask for Caring for Dry Hair

There’s no need to struggle with dry hair. If you keep going the way you are, you are more likely to damage it. The trick to caring for it is to stop washing it so much and start doing things that encourages the natural oil production. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. The above tips are effective ways for caring for dry hair. They will get you started, and you will soon find you have luxurious and beauty locks.


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