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5 Ways How To Look Good In The Office At Work & Get A Better Job

Updated on December 10, 2011

Looking good at work can increase your confidence and your salary! In this Hub I will go through 5 ways you can sharpen up your look which anyone can do and you don't need a $5000 suit. The way you look and the way you hold yourself can drastically influence the way you feel and the way you are treated by others. By taking care in the way you present yourself at work, you will walk in with a whole different attitude and some amazing things will start to happen. It is nice to throw something on in the morning and go in comfy clothes but by throwing something on shows people at work that you can't be bothered and I don't mean in the dress department im talking about your attitude. The people you work with will notice it, and your boss will notice it. Would you think about promoting someone that doesn't take pride in themselves let alone their work? Thought not. If you work in an office that has a laid back attitude to dress code this is where you can set yourself apart from the rest and my 5 tips are easy ways to make yourself stand out. It is natural to make assumptions of people just by looking at them, you probably do it yourself on your way to work. What runs through your head when you see someone in a nice suit? They must earn a high salary? They're important? They're attractive? They must work for a big company? They must be very edjucated? I like what they're wearing. You probably don't take any notice of people that are dressed in day to day clothes do you? So can you see now why it is important to dress well for work, especially if you want to go far?

Wear a fitted shirt

Putting on a shirt can make you feel great but when you buy them or do the ones you have, ooze quality and show off you physique? You can have 2 shirts made of the same material but with 2 different cuts and they will make you look like 2 very different people. You don't have to fly to Saville Row to be measured up, good high street tailors, such as Pink, T.M Lewin, Charles Tyrwitt will be able to help you with this in store. By buying the right size shirt can make a big difference in your appearance.

If you're lucky enough to be naturally slim then show this off with a "tailored fit" shirt, these cut in at the waist giving you a nice v taper and fit tighter. If you're a regular body shape go for a slim fit, these don't have a drastic cut but still give you shape and enough room for maneuver.

You can also have single cuff or double cuff, the bonus of having a double cuff that you can accessorise with a nice pair of cuffinks, if you already wear a suit to work, wearing a double cuff shirt can finish a suit off nicely. Single cuff shirts are no lesser a shirt and are slightly more comfortable to wear.

Don't worry about spending a little more than usual on your shirts, remember these are investments you will wear these for a good few years.

Wear a belt even if you don't need to!

Wearing a belt can drastically tidy your apperence up, you should be wearing one even if you don't need one. They emphasize your waist and bring it in. The right buckle can also sharpen you up. A nice rectangular silver buckle is perfect. Don't be afraid to go for some light tan leather either. This is an inexpensive way to sharpen your appearance. Try it.


You'll often read that what you wear on your feet in an interview can play a part in the interviewers decision to off you the job. Many women also take notice of a man's shoe's when checking them out. Men also love to see women in a nice pair of heels.

This is the only thing you may have to splash out on. We're not talking about designer brand but a good pair of Leather Shoes with a nice shape will definitely not go unnoticed. The extra benefit is that a well made shoe will also give you a bit of extra height (for men). Guy's you should always keep your shoes in tip top condition also, keeping them will polished.

Wear a watch

Watches as a work of art, they also ooze wealth. Remember by looking better you will naturally feel better. Watches are very much down to personal taste, there are many different styles and configurations, round face, square face, metal strap, leather strap etc etc so it is up to you what you wear. You'll be surprised at how affordable a nice watch is, check out what Emporio Armani  and Hugo Boss have to offer. This is also something that you can keep for years and wear on all occasions so asking for something like this as a birthday present isn't out of the question.

Last of all, Colours.

Colours can influence people but we won't go in to that in this hub. I want you to experiment with colours, don't hide yourself away in dull plain solid colour shirts, be bright and bould. Navy is a smart, sliming colour so make sure you have at least one pair of navy strides or suit. Stripes will also help you to stand out and give off power. Make sure you also have a nice fitted, crisp white shirt.

By sharpening up your look in the work place can make a big difference in not only in how you are perceived by others but how you perceive yourself. Remember the saying " You can't make a first impression twice " who knows who you'll meet on your way to work and during your day.Those assumptions you make on people who you meet are also made on you. You may feel so much better in yourself that you'll want to go for bigger and better things and leave those mundane colleagues behind who let years pass by. You deserve to be happy and want better things for yourself and the people closest to you, so go get them.


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