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5 Ways to Style Wavy Hair

Updated on March 11, 2020

We all have mornings when we wake up and look in the mirror and say, “what in the world am I going to do with my hair today?!” For some of us, it happens more often than others, and it can be especially challenging when you have textured hair with a mind of its own; and let’s be real, a hairstyle can make or break an entire look. For those with hair that isn’t quite curly, but also definitely not straight, styling your hair can be quite the task. But look no further, here are five gorgeous and time-friendly ways to style that beautiful mess of wavy hair.

1. Accessorize

This is the most time-efficient and “natural” way of styling your hair. When you’re in a rush, or you just don’t feel like spending time on your hair, there are endless cheap accessories at basically any store imaginable. A personal favorite is beanies. Not only do beanies come in every color and pattern you could possibly think of, but all your hair requires is a quick brush through or a spritz of product or mousse to tame flyaways and a style that matches your outfit. If you’ve tamed your hair and just can’t seem to decide on a beanie that compliments your style that day, you also have the option of various hair clips and headbands, too. Not only are these quick and simple fixes, but all are always in style with every trend that comes and goes.

2. Messy Point Tail

A messy ponytail can be the perfect accent for nearly any look, which makes it a perfect way to style your hair. Whether it’s a relaxed or casual look you’re going for, a quick low or high pony is almost always the way to go. With a natural wave in your hair, it can also be pulled off as an elegant look. If needed, you can add some volume by teasing your hair and topping it off with a scrunchie, or a quick wrap around of your own hair to cover the elastic for a more put-together look. Wavy hair really is a blessing when it comes to this quick thirty-second hairstyle.

3. Half up half down

Nothing is more sophisticated yet playful than a half up half down look. Paired once again with a scrunchie or even the right set of earrings, this hairstyle can be the perfect hairstyle for your waves for a range of looks going from a stay at home self-care day to business casual. The best part is that your hair already has a beautiful texture so this style is just a part and a ponytail away.

4. Braids

This can be a very broad range of styles. French braids, dutch braids, box braids, side braids, upside-down braids, the list honestly never ends. And although the thought of learning how to braid hair may seem overwhelming, it’s so much easier than it seems. On top of that, there are multitudes of tutorials for not only traditional and nontraditional braids but faux braids as well. Although this may be more time consuming than the previous options, it’s well worth the time and effort, until it becomes muscle memory because trust me, you’ll love the results. If you’re not a fan of plain ‘ol braids, there are also so many ways you can add a pop of color. Alongside all of the clips and pins and bows made to add to your hair, you can also braid a scarf in with your hair as an eye-catching accent. Once you’ve got the braiding part down, just add the scarf with a section of hair and weave it in. Adding a modern twist to a forever classy hairstyle has never been so simple.

5. Buns

This is another hairstyle that is just so classic and simple but there’s such a variety of ways it can be done that it makes it such a fun and simple style to try. With wavy hair, it’s even better, because the texture is already there, and that gives this hairstyle its character. Sock buns, top knots, messy buns, and braided buns are just among the few of many ways to rock this look. And as if that didn’t offer enough options, the way you part your hair is another way to spice up this style. Whether you decide to do a low bun or a bun that rests right on top of your head, you can almost guarantee that there’s a bun style for every occasion, no matter how your hair is deciding to wave that morning.

Wrap Up

Sometimes having hair with a mind of its own can make picking a hairstyle seem more difficult than it is. But the upside to that is having locks full of texture to make any look more unique. Hopefully, there are a few of these quick styles you’re excited to try. Are there any other hairstyles for wavy hair that I missed? What’s your personal favorite way to style your hair?


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