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4 of My Favorite Online Shopping Websites (and a Few Scam Sites to Beware Of!)

Updated on November 4, 2017

Scam Sites: Beware!

Not all online shopping sites are innocent and fun. Beware of scams! The following websites are scam sites:


How can ALL these clothes be this cute?!
How can ALL these clothes be this cute?! | Source


This website is one of my very favorite shopping sites. But beware--it's totally addicting! I did a lot of my Christmas shopping from this website last year. OK, it was mostly for my 2-year-old son. They have great brands. Some are familiar and some are new, but they're all quality (from my experience). Shopping on this site is fast and easy, and the items usually arrive when they say they will. I did have one experience where one of my items was late and they promptly emailed me to let me know. However, it did end up arriving in time for Christmas after all, even though initially the company warned me that it might not. So everything was OK! Good thing it did arrive on time because the item was a drum set for my son, and he absolutely LOVES it! I have to admit that I have purchased a few items of clothing for myself from the site as well. They just have so many cute women's clothes, it's super hard to resist! I also got a couple of t-shirts for my husband from this website as well. They have really unique brands, and there's something new every day, so it's fun to check and see what's available every so often.


OK, the clothes on this site are for women/girls only. I'm sorry but, so not sorry... These clothes are ALL just stinkin' adorable! So far I've bought one dress from this website and I always get compliments on it. It's a long maxi dress and although it's a little long on me since I'm so short, I can wear it with heels and I love it. The only thing stopping me from buying more cute clothes from this website is my wallet and my husband! Haha but seriously, they have cute clothes for the fall and winter seasons too, so if your wardrobe is in need of updating, you should definitely check it out! They have great deals in their clearance section as well (and seriously, how is this model so ridiculously cute in every. single. outfit on this site?!)

As a random sidenote, this model is my friend from elementary school! Small world, huh?
As a random sidenote, this model is my friend from elementary school! Small world, huh? | Source


This website features adorable vintage-inspired clothes, swimsuits and accessories, as well as d├ęcor, with new and unique styles coming in all the time. I love how this company sells fashionable clothes at various price points, for all body types. They do have a sale section as well. What I love about this site is that their clothes and products are unique and have a vintage feel to them, which you don't necessarily find in a regular store. It's a great place to go if you're looking for a dress that will really wow, or an original-looking gift for a friend or family member who enjoys a little quirkiness in their lives! I ordered a dress from them and was very happy with it. It was the perfect item in which to go traipsing around museums and cafes in Berkeley and San Francisco with my husband! I would love to buy from them again in the near future!


4. and

These websites have quality items for decent prices. You do have to sign up as a VIP member for each of them though, which can get tricky because of how their website works. When you sign up, you are agreeing to be charged $39.95 each month by the 5th of the month, unless you click the button on the website to "Skip the Month". You have to skip by the 5th of each month, otherwise, you are charged and you are given a "credit" on your account. To cancel your membership, you have to make a phone call and let customer service know. If you can remember to skip each month that you don't plan on buying, it might be worth it, as they do have some cool items. I've purchased a pair of capri jeans, a couple of pairs of sandals, a pair of boots, and a dress so far from JustFab.

I did have one problem, which was with the boots they sent me. Unfortunately, they sent me two "left" boots, so as you can imagine, I was disappointed when I was unable to wear them! However, with one call to customer service, I was able to get a return label sent to me so that I can mail the boots back and get a credit on my account to get something else instead. I would say that's pretty decent customer service, even if I was disappointed that the boots didn't work out.

FabKids is pretty cool too, and I've gotten a few shirts from there for my son to wear. I got him two long-sleeved shirts, one with a T-Rex on it and one with headphones that say "Live from NYC". I like the quality and how soft they are. Just recently, I got him a short-sleeved shirt with a dirtbike on it and a long-sleeved shirt that says "Awesome all day, every day". The only thing I take issue with is that the toddler girl outfits seem to be a lot cuter and more creative than the boy outfits. For example, most of the shirts seem to feature either neon colors or skulls on them, and I'm not a big fan of either. I wish the boys' clothes were a little more creative, but otherwise,

All in all, I've enjoyed shopping on both of these websites (I just have to be diligent to skip the month when not purchasing, which can be challenging!) I will say that I've also gotten quite a few compliments on the sandals I've purchased from JustFab. Kate Hudson is also promoting her new athletic-wear site, Fabletics, which is also connected to JustFab and FabKids. I haven't purchased anything from Fabletics yet, but Kate looks amazing in all of it, that's for sure!

What Should My 5th Website Be? Tell me in the Comments!

What unique websites do you enjoy shopping on, especially for apparel? Let me know in the comments! Hope you enjoyed this hub on a few of my favorite shopping websites!

Where Do You Do Most of Your Shopping?

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