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5 Ways To Tame Your Frizzy Hair This Monsoon

Updated on August 26, 2019

Hello, beauties! As you know woman’s hair is the first thing that can be noticed in her beauty that’s why all women wish to have beautiful hair. All you need is little effort to make it happen. Healthy hairs make you look glamorous even with a simple dress.

Today we will talk about frizzy hairs. Who would like frizzy hair? They are difficult to manage and so annoying sometimes. Three main causes of frizzy hair are genetics, hair damage, and humidity.

Monsoon means lots of humidity which results in hair fall and frizz. You have no control of humidity but you can manage your frizzy hairs with these 5 tips.


It is the key to stronger and healthier hair and is a great way to enhance hair growth. It combats dry scalp and adds shine to your hair. It reduces exposure to chemical and non-natural ingredients.

・Coconut oil: It is one of the most essential oils for your hair. Frizzy hair is the result of uneven absorption of water in the hair’s outer layer. Coconut oil creates humidity and moisture barrier and protects the fibers of hair from uneven swelling. Due to its small molecular size, it can penetrate deep and thus helps in deep conditioning of hair.

・ Olive oil: It’s primary chemical elements are oleic acid, palmitic acid, and squalene. These all are known for their softening qualities. This little scientific evidence supports olive oil’s popularity for soft and shiny hairs. Massage with hot olive oil really helps a lot in reducing frizziness.

・Almond oil: It has anti-bacterial and fungicidal properties which makes it effective at balancing yeast that causes dandruff. Frizzy hairs indicate dry scalp Almond oil easily soaks into the skin and hydrates it.

Oiling your hair twice or thrice a week is best.

Use more of conditioner

Frizzy hairs need moisture. If you keep them dry then they can take it from the air which is very bad for your hair. So the right conditioner is very important to keep them hydrated. After you rinse the shampoo off from your hair, take some conditioner in one palm and rub your both palms together to evenly distribute it. Apply the conditioner from the mid to the end sections of your hair. Leave the conditioner for a minute or two, for good results. It smoothens your hair and makes it shiny and silky.

Note: Use sulfate-free, glycerin packed shampoo. Sulfate can strip out natural oil from your hair which is not good for frizzy hairs. When sulfate makes contact with your hair, it creates a negative electric charge which creates frizz. Glycerin strengthens your hair and adds lustre to it.

Hair mask remedy

Hair masks deep conditions your hair and heals dry and damaged hair. Here are few which you can give a try

・Almond oil and egg: Combine the almond oil and egg until you get a smooth mixture. Apply it and wait for 40 mins and then rinse as usual. Apply this once a week.

Benefit: Almond works as a natural conditioner and softens your hair and egg has high protein.

・Avocado mask: Cut the avocado and remove the pit. Mash the avocado and yogurt. Apply it and let it sit for 40 mins. Wash it with shampoo and follow it up with your conditioner. Apply this once or twice a week.

Benefit: Avocado has monounsaturated fatty acids that moisturize, nourish and strengthens hair.

・Coconut oil and vitamin E: Mix both the oils and you can contain them in an airtight container. Apply it and wash your hair after 40 mins. Apply this oil once or twice a week.

Benefit: Vitamin E is natural antioxidant effects that maintain hair growth and coconut oil gets deep into the follicles and adds lustre to our hair.

Do not use a rough towel

When we rub our hair with a rough towel, we are pulling hair strands and roughening the soft cuticle of hair (outer layer of hair) which makes it frizzy. Rubbing your hair also causes split ends. You should gently dry your hair with a soft towel. Sleeping on luxury pillowcases will help you a lot in keeping your hair smooth. It helps in reducing friction on your hair which often causes damage like split ends. For smooth and shiny hair, it would be very helpful.

Avoid hair styling products

The daily high heat from hair tools damages and strip it from moisture. Minimize the use of blow dryer and let your hair dry naturally. If you use any hair styling product then use it in the lowest setting and always protect your hair with a thermal protectant spray before hair styling.

Pro tip: Spraying an alcohol-free hair spray with mascara wand can tame your frizzy baby hairs like in a ponytail.


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