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Updated on June 27, 2012

On a mission to do something for myself for a change, I decided that I needed to update my wardrobe. Well I am very frugal when it comes to buying anything and I always look for the best deal. While looking through my closet I came to the conclusion that I had enough pants but didn't really have any shirts. I must admit I was kind of skeptical of shopping on the internet especially if it wasn't from any of the regular department stores. While on my internet search I came across a website called I was curious of what 599 meant? I clicked on the website and this business was offering clothing, shoes, and accessories for $5.99 and less! This means you never pay over $5.99 for clothing from their website. I'm thinking in my head this is just another scam and this can't be true. So, I decided to research reviews on YouTube and other various sources. I could not find a bad review. Imagine that. So I decided to do a little browsing on the website. I ended up getting a couple of things which I'll post pictures of below. This is how my experience went.


The ordering process was very easy and secure. They even give out monthly coupon codes to take discounts off your order. If you order over $100 your shipping is only $5.99! The downside to this is that shipping can be high if you don't order over $100 because the prices are so low. For example, I ordered around $50 worth of clothing and my total ending up being somewhere around $66 with shipping cost. I entered my coupon code and I got $4 off which brought my total down to $62 plus some change. I don't consider that bad because I got 9 good quality shirts. And not even 2 minutes after I had ordered I received an email saying that my order was received and being processed.


From the time I ordered I received 8 emails with a copy of my order, when my order was being processed, and tracking details from UPS of where my order was and what day it would arrive. It arrived exactly on the day that the details said it would. The downside is that 599fashion is based in Los Angeles, California and I live on the other side of the U.S. It took exactly 7 days for me to receive my order from the order date. That was fine with me because I didn't mind waiting especially since I felt like I got a deal.


I took some pictures of my clothes as soon as they arrived so I could show what they looked like when they arrived. Needless to say has found a faithful customer. They offer clothing for juniors, women, kids, and men. They have accessories, plus size clothing, shoes, and handbags. The only thing is that you have to order it when you want it or you may come back and it is sold out. Here are a few pictures below of the items that I ordered:

This could go dress or casual
This could go dress or casual | Source
A baby doll shirt
A baby doll shirt | Source
This is a shirt.  I know it looks like a dress but I think it would go good with some skinny jeans.
This is a shirt. I know it looks like a dress but I think it would go good with some skinny jeans. | Source
This is a summer dress.
This is a summer dress. | Source
A jacket to wear over a shirt
A jacket to wear over a shirt | Source
A butterfly dress shirt
A butterfly dress shirt | Source
A zebra print dress shawl
A zebra print dress shawl | Source
These are the packages it came it.  Each shirt came in a clear plastic package and all the shirts came in the big white UPS package.
These are the packages it came it. Each shirt came in a clear plastic package and all the shirts came in the big white UPS package. | Source

My experience over all was a great one. They even have a Facebook page where they post pictures of new items and coupon codes. And unlike some other companies, they respond to messages and posts on their Facebook page. I always like to share when I've had a good experience with something or someone and I always like to share when I get a good deal. With I feel like had both.

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    • Mommiegee profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Alabama

      I totally understand Jamie. I always try to research ESPECIALLY with prices like that but I am here to say they are legit and they have a Facebook page that they post new items on also. I've worn 3 or my shirts and I love them. They have a variety of choices. You just have to get it when you see it or when you come back it may be gone.

    • Jamie Brock profile image

      Jamie Brock 

      6 years ago from Texas

      Mommiegee- I have heard of this store and was skeptical too.. but I never took the time to research it... thank you so much for this hub! I'm going to hop on over right now and have a look at their website again. Everything looked legit but with prices that low it's hard to be sure but now I know.. thanks again! Voting up, useful and totally awesome :)

    • Mommiegee profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Alabama

      Thank you so much for letting me know about the link. I will fix that now. Always happy to share a bargain. Thanks for stopping by.

    • tjdavis profile image

      Teresa Davis 

      6 years ago from Moscow, Texas

      Loved the hub..thanks so much for letting us know of this great place. I will tell you when I clicked on the link you provided it was a broken link. I found the store and do plan on ordering from them. Again, thanks for sharing with us.


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