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6 Inch Heels - Hot High Heels For Sexy Ladies

Updated on August 30, 2011

6 Inch Heels

High heels are either worn as a fashion statement, a way to make the legs elongated and more defined or as a seduction technique, maybe all three at once! Recently the 6 inch heel has emerged from the fetish community into high fashion and adorning the feet of celebrities. 

There are high heels and then there is the 6 inch heel which is a whole different kettle of fish. With the 6 inch heel, the ball of the foot is at an angle and the heel raised so much so that the foot resembles that of a ballerina on tip toes. If you needed help with how to walk in heels before, this is a whole new chapter! These 6 inch heels aren't for the faint hearted.

I Was Nearly One Of The 6 Inch Heels Club

Years ago I saw a pair of pink 6 inch high heels in a boutique on Old Compton Street in London. They were exquisite and nothing like any other heel I had seen before. Problem was, the shop was closed. With a price tag of £250 they shouldn't have been an impulse purchase anyway, but I'm a girl, they were deliciously beautiful shoes and I wanted them. If the shop had been open they would have been mine.

I called the shop the next day and they didn't have my size and didn't know when they would be getting new stock, so I forgot about them until writing this very hub. With hindsight, had I bought them, I would have worn them, but with obvious difficulty. I have been a slave to my high heels over the years, suffering blisters on the soles of my feet, and pretty much everywhere else a shoe or boot touches, including my ankles. I still have the scar from that particular night, but oh how beautiful those petrol blue stiletto boots were! Though I can still recall the pain they caused me.

Wearing 6 Inch Heels

A while back, 6 inch heels weren't for the mainstream market, some might say they probably still aren't due to the difficulty of wearing them! But nonetheless, 6 inch heels have made it onto the pages of fashion magazines and celebrity feet and for a fan of killer heels, you can't get more dangerous than these.

Victoria Beckham, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow all seen wearing 6 inch heels at some time or another. Thing is, I'd love to be walking around in these babies, but how the hell do I navigate the cobblestones outside of my apartment block?! Even I wouldn't chance a broken neck for high heels. I've risked broken limbs in the past, but my neck? No way!

Celebrities of course don't have to worry about such dangers. When wearing their killer 6 inches they get chauffeured around from party to party with some gorgeous bloke's arm to hang off. Ok so I have the latter, but not the chauffeur! Can you imagine navigating public transport in those heels?!

So how and when can us ordinary folk wear such sexy heels? Personally, I wouldn't stray anywhere outside of the bedroom wearing them these days, but with good balance, a first aid kit for the feet at the ready, and a lofty air of confidence, the answer to that is whenever the mood takes you!


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