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6 natural remedies to avoid itchy winter skin

Updated on December 16, 2014
Flaky itching skin? You might find this article about dry itching winter skin useful.
Flaky itching skin? You might find this article about dry itching winter skin useful.

Winter Skin Blues: Dry Itching Skin.

When the first cold weather comes, temperatures drop, central heath is up and the jumper comes out from the closet, many people can suffer of winter itching and flake skin that usually is typically of a dehydrated skin condition. If you are like me, itching madly, especially during the evening, you may find some comfort as I did, in the following tips and home made products which are all coming from your kitchen cupboard, your own very personal beauty saloon and home natural herbal remedies.

What Causing a Dehydrated Skin

Generally speaking, if you have dry skin you suffer from dehydration, therefore lack of water, it means the skin doesn't moisturise enough leaving the upper layers of the skin dry and flaky . This can have different causes. Some time a dehydrated skin is the result of heating and quality of air. For instance, due to the cold in the winter we tend to warm up the house and this can be an aggressive factor that dries the skin, depleting of natural oils and drying up the upper layers of water therefore it could results in itching and flaking skin. Age, hours spend outside and other skin conditions like eczema, psioriosis can caused dry, dehydrated skin. Smoking, wind and generally lack of humidity in the air can be other factors affecting the condition of the skin. Also the itchy feeling can be a sympton of a more serious condition like in some cases cancer or pregnancy when the belly tend to stretch and become bigger. Never understimate an aggressive itching, refer to a doctor and follow all the prescriptions and treatments.

However whatever is happening, you can reduce annoying itching and you don't have to scratch your head to find complicate solutions. With few precautions and a bit of preparation you can minimise the itchy, dry winter skin.

6 Simple Solutions to Stay Itching Free

1. Stay away from too hot showers or baths.

I know what is like in the winter, when temperatures plunge below certain levels we feel the need of an hot, nice shower or bath but unfortunately this would make our winter itchy getting worse! In fact the hot water would dry the skin and deplete the natural oil preventing a natural moisturise of the skin. Instead your shower should be not to hot preferably at mild temperatures, a lukewarm bath would be ideal and if the scratching habit is really bad try a cold shower. Another suggestion is to reduce hot showers and baths as in the winter the humidity in the air can be less then in the summer and too many washings could worsen the situation. Also harsh detergents can cause the skin to dehydrate. An excellent substitute to your bath foam or shower detergent is the liquid Castile Soap. The one that I use is made by a combination of organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil, tea tree essential oil.

2. Moisturise, moisturise and... finally moisturise the skin. Especially if you suffers from eczema psoriasis and severe dry skin. The best and natural way to moisturise your skin is using a rich oil based cream however be aware that some products could be too aggressive especially if they are full of dyes or fragrances or you may even be allergic to them. If the scratching is getting worse, ointments are considered the best products. However Coconut oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, are excellent natural moisturisers as they are packed with anti-bacterial factors and give plenty of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that would keep the skin well protected as well as reduce fine line and wrinkles.Coconut oil is excellent in removing dead cells from the outer layer therefore it does a good job in removing flacking skin that is one of the factors causing an itching dry condition feeling. Use it regularly to exfoliate the skin as part of your weekly routine.

3. Warm up in cotton rich fabrics and avoid harsh wool wherever is possible. Wool could irritate an already itchy dry skin.

4. Avoid the sun and protect the skin and apply a sun protection skin even in the winter. Remember that the air in the winter is less humid that in the summer and with the sun out, that can accelerate dehydration in the skin.

5. Finally try to stay away from cold and fluenza by eating well and protect yourself. In fact whene you are ill, the immunisation system is less responsive and your defence against bugs are weak, therefore conditions like eczema or psoriasis can getting worse under these factors.

6. To increase your immune system try to drink plenty of water and Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe vera is well known for hydrate the system and increase the capacity of the cells to renew themselves increasing your defences against aggressive bugs and by triggering a better immune system.


A good daily routine and some simple precautions can reduce or even avoid the annoying scratching urgency that many of us feel during the winter because of our dry skin.

It can be many reasons and factors leading to an itching dry skin and in some cases this require a visit to the doctor as can be linked to a number of illnesses. A constant, persistent pruirite must not be overlooked and this might require a more robust response. If your dry skin is due by an eczema or psorisis, again this must require proper treatments. However even in those cases the above suggestions might bring some relief in the battle against itching. Have a plan works always better than not doing anything.


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