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7 Factors That Greatly Affect The Growth Of Hair.

Updated on October 13, 2011

Hair is a form of natural beauty for many. It is every person’s wish especially women to have a healthy and an attractive natural crowning glory. A woman’s beauty is enhanced more by healthy looking hair. Hair that is attractive and well cared for tends to boost a person’s self esteem and also give a pleasant disposition.

Healthy growth and development of hair is affected by the following factors.

1. Health. Poor hair condition signifies a health problem most likely an illness such as cancer, depression or malnutrition. Good health plays a major role in promoting hair growth. For instance, when stress is not controlled, it may result to hair shaft disorders and many other forms of hair loss. Certain illnesses and medications such as chemotherapy and abuse of drugs and alcohol will also affect the proper growth of hair.

2. Climate. Adequate amount of ultra violet light accelerates hair growth. It is a fact that warmer climate with much sunlight tends to promote hair growth.

3. Age. Hair follicles undergo several changes during the different phases of life. For example during puberty, the hair tends to thin due to production of hormones. The growth of hair slows down when one grows old.

4. Diet. Diet plays a fundamental role in the healthy growth of hair. A proper balanced diet tends to nourish the hair giving it a shinier and healthier look.

5. Genes. Heredity influences the characteristics of one’s hair. The chromosomes tend to determine the color, texture, length, curl and fullness of the hair.

6. Products. Different hair products in the market tend to affect growth of hair so it is very important to fully understand your hair type and choose products that will be suitable for your hair type. Use reputable brands and carry out some strand tests before perming or relaxing your hair. Cheap is expensive so invest wisely in the best hair products available in the market and get a professional to work on your hair.

7. Hormones. Pregnancy, puberty, menopause and other body phases tend to increase production of certain hormones that affect the hair of a person. During pregnancy for instance, the density of the hair increases and after birth the density decreases again. It is thus very important to regularly condition your hair and treat it well.

Genes, diet, lifestyle and health tend to affect the condition and growth of hair. For hair that is in top condition, it is important to point out that one needs to make the right choice to ensure proper growth for healthy hair. Caring for one’s hair should be part of a regular beauty routine.


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