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Updated on August 11, 2011
Men's fashion - dont's
Men's fashion - dont's

To dress well needs careful consideration. Fashion statements can never be made by dressing haphazardly. A guy, much like a woman, needs to watch and match clothes and accessories. And he shouldn't make these seven mistakes...

'Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.' - Mark Twain said that. And it is on the most part true. All major influential people seem to be in business rather than swim suits.

That as may be a dressed guy needs to follow rules when walking out the door. How he looks has an effect big or small on the people looking at him. Listed below are seven fashion mistakes a man must never make:

1. Mismatched belt and shoes

This is the number one taboo in almost all fashion books. The image of a guy walking around with a brown leather belt and wearing black leather shoes just makes most people wince. A woman, at least not a sane one, would never be caught in clashing outfits and accessories.

2. Sneakers and suits

Yes, there was once a time (way back when) when this was fashionable apparel. In fact everyone from rock star to high school prom kid sported it. But it's not anymore. A guy needs to make up his mind when dressing up - formal or casual? It can't be both.

3. Sneakers with colored socks

Sneakers whether black, white, blue or red were designed as sportswear. And with sportswear ONLY white socks is acceptable. Wearing colored socks with sneakers only makes people think that the guy doesn't have a clean pair of white ones.

4. Thongs/Speedos/Mankinis

Most people can't say the word 'mankini' without laughing. The only person that can pull off wearing a mankini is Borat. Period. The same applies for thongs and Speedos. If a guy needs to show or prove his masculinity he should probably try swimming.

These apparels are especially no-no's where there are children.

5. Overalls

A guy wearing overalls was once fine - when he was a toddler. In these go-and-get times no one, but no one, can take a guy in overalls seriously. Maybe Mark Twain should have added it to his quote too.

6. Deep 'V' T-shirts/Unbuttoned Shirts

Women wear deep 'v' t-shirts to show assets, namely cleavage. What does a guy have to show, hair? Simply - 'EW!' Unbuttoned shirts were the 'in' style of the 70's movie industry. It's the 21st century now.

7. Jewelry

The only people that can pull off too much jewelry are performers, especially rap stars, and women. A guy has no business going around looking like a jewelry shop. And it makes no sense to go around carrying one's life savings around the neck. There's a safer place - It's called a bank.


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